Review – Aquatica

By Derek Thompson | February 25, 2021

Aquatica is an engine-building card game, and part of the Dice Tower Essentials line from Arcane Wonders. Derek has the review!

Review – Nomadland

By Tyler Hummel | February 25, 2021
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As one of the best films to come out of 2020, it’s easy to see how Nomadland could perform well in the upcoming awards season.

Review – Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators

By Johnathan Floyd | February 24, 2021
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Unlock lots of planes and weapons. Take to different skies and take on floods of bullets to keep the skies free. Indie Christian developer!

Review – TIME Stories Revolution: A Midsummer Night

By Derek Thompson | February 24, 2021

TIME Stories is back, with major gameplay changes, in TIME Stories Revolution. Is it time to jump back in?

Review – Umbra Via

By Stephen Hall | February 23, 2021

Umbra Via is a game of reclaiming fragmented pieces of your soul. Sounds deep, huh? Check out our review!

Review – The Doom of Fallowhearth

By Andrew Borck | February 23, 2021
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A member of royalty has gone missing from a remote Northern outpost, and three famous adventurers are hired to look into her disappearance. The adventure that follows will surprise you with some twists and turns, ultimately ending in a way I did not expect.

Classic Review – The Iliad (725 BC)

By Tyler Hummel | February 23, 2021
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The Iliad is one of the oldest and most intact pieces of literature in human history, surviving more elements than its lost contemporaries.

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