Review: KanColle, Episode 6: Destroyer Division Six and the Battle of the Curry Seas!

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KanColle continues down a more light-hearted path in this episode, with a focus on Destroyer Division Six. That’s right–the spotlight is taken off of Fubuki in this one, with only one scene even providing her any screen time! Whether this is an indication that the girls in division six are going to become major players in the overall plot, or whether this episode is simply filler, has yet to be seen (but if this episode was purely filler, then at least it was an entertaining filler).
There is apparently one day a week that is designated as “curry day,” so that the girls have something anchoring to help them remember which day of the week it is. Being out at sea can apparently mess with one’s sense of time. Each year, there is a curry competition to determine whose curry will be served for the next year. Destroyer Division Six rises to the challenge, determined to win the competition. The only problem is that they have no idea how to make curry.
Overall, it really is a cute episode, as we watch the girls struggle to get their curry recipe perfected. Watching them attempt to heat their curry faster via flamethrower should be enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. The curry journey also has a positive message about teamwork, as it is not until the girls start really working together that they begin to get the hang of things and become truly confident in their abilities. Amidst all of this is some potential foreshadowing in the form of Nagato’s appearances. These are slight, and it remains to be seen if they will actually amount to anything; but if they truly are moments of foreshadowing, then this very well may be a cute episode that’s leading us into something much darker.
KanColle continues to be a show that surprises me, as I fully expected it to be a complete fanservice fest that I would quickly drop. That’s not to say that the show is without its flaws—even in this episode, there is a bath scene and a partial panty shot, not to mention some heavily implied shoujo-ai (which is, admittedly, also common with at least some characters), but the fact remains that the show has certainly blown my pre-conceived negative opinions out of the water.

A Christian Perspective:

1 Timothy 4:12 – Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
My focus here is on the first part of this verse. If you watch this episode, then you will quickly notice that the girls of Destroyer Division Six are portrayed as being younger than the other girls. Whether this is metaphorical (perhaps they are based on smaller ships) or meant to be literal is anyone’s guess, but the fact remains that they are younger all the same. While I don’t recall anyone in this episode looking down on them specifically because they’re young, there is certainly a lot of doubt about their ability to succeed. While making a connection to the second part of this verse is a bit harder (connecting this show with purity would be a bit difficult, given some of the content), we certainly see a greater level of discipline and focus (not to mention a lack of cockiness) on the part of Destroyer Division Six than from some of the other girls. While not a perfect reflection of the second half of the verse, this episode of KanColle does speak to setting an example of good conduct in the midst of others whose conduct is less than stellar.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “j**z”
Alcohol/Drug Use: None
Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: The two girls who wear the midriff-revealing uniforms; from the end of the intro credits until about 3:02, four characters are shown bathing (they all have towels wrapped around them, and no cleavage is shown) with some washing the others’ hair—Akagi is also shown, and she is naked, with a portion of her breasts exposed; Shimakaze is featured during part of the episode, and she is wearing her usual low-riding skirt with her underwear straps exposed; 17:22 – 17:23 shows a partial panty shot (mainly the side ties and the character’s thigh)
Violence: Hibiki whacks the other three girls in her squad on the head
Blood/Gore: Hibiki cuts herself with a knife while slicing a vegetable, and some blood is shown
Other: A possible breast joke at Nagato’s expense; Oi is shown saying weird things to Kitakami again (possible shoujo-ai); Fubuki mentions wanting to feed Akagi, causing Mutsuki and Yuudachi to comment that Fubuki is in love

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