Review: Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, Episode 6: As For Them

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In the aftermath of their first encounter in space, Tekkadan plans their next move to acquire a new guide to Earth. They ultimately decide to approach a mafia-esque group based out of Jupiter, and alter their course accordingly. In the meantime, they discover that Fumitan has some experience and skill with communications when she manages to patch the ship through to the base on Mars, and Kudelia begins teaching Mikazuki and some of the other boys how to read and write (with Atra’s help). Orga also reflects on why he continues to work as hard as he does. Elsewhere, on a Gjallarhorn ship, Ein asks one of the inspectors to allow him to continue in their service to redeem himself for his previous failures.
As usual, an action-oriented episode is followed up by a more mellow, relaxing episode where the tension is more focused on the establishment of new plans for the organization. Even there, we have little idea of what the characters are getting themselves into, because not much seems to be known about the new organization that they are seeking to work with. It leaves an air of mystery which we get to sail into with the characters. Perhaps the more interesting aspect of the episode is the journey into why most of the characters are illiterate, and their ultimate interest in overcoming that shortcoming. Kudelia’s care for their development is also touching, and helps to further establish her character.
For the most part, this is simply a relaxing episode that provides a little more character background and development for some of the main cast while also establishing a direction for the next arc of the series. Where the story will go and how it will unfold should prove to be entertaining, and where the end of the episode will ultimately lead (and who the man claiming to own Tekkadan’s ship is) will have to wait to be seen.

A Christian Perspective:

1 John 3:18 – Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.
Kudelia emulates this idea very well in this episode. While we can certainly make a good case that she was already loving with actions by putting her life on the line to go to Earth and fight for the freedom of Mars, she shows an even deeper love in this episode when she takes a greater interest in the individual lives of the young boys who are fighting to protect her. Her original goal could be argued to have political purposes, but her willingness to teach Mikazuki and the other boys how to read and write takes her care to a personal level as she seeks to enrich and improve the lives of individuals. In the same way we, as Christians, shouldn’t just say that we love God or others, but should rather show it by our actions and our lives.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “g**z”
Alcohol/Drug Use: A man is shown smoking a cigar
Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: The intro features a woman in a cleavage-revealing top; a man is shown with his jacket unbuttoned; Akihiro is shown exercising shirtless
Violence: Eugene destroys an anchor; a ship collides with another
Blood/Gore: A still frame shows men being executed, with some blood on the ground
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