Review: Plastic Memories, Episode 3: We’ve Just Started Living Together

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This episode introduces us to the fact that it is typical for spotters and marksmen to live together, which of course means that Tsukasa and Isla now share a living space. At first glance, such a plot device seems groan worthy, especially since it seems to take what could be a unique show and throws it into a heavily overused trope. Well, the fact that it is an overused trope is true, but in all honesty it doesn’t make for a terrible episode. It probably helps that Tsukasa, unlike many other male protagonists in this situation, is not a total pervert. The truth is that this episode provides some purely laugh-out-loud moments, as Tsukasa struggles with the fact that Isla turns into an unsociable recluse at home. Several of his co-workers suggest ways for him to try to get her attention, from flowers, to cooking, to “accidentally” walking in on her in the shower (thankfully that last one is the one piece of advice Tsukasa doesn’t take). If you can watch this episode without so much as cracking a smile, one must wonder if your sense of humor is damaged.
Of course, the episode is not without its flaws. For all its humor, this episode seems to throw in more fanservice than what we’ve seen so far. Now, granted, the term “fanservice” here refers to some very mild scenes compared to other shows that have been reviewed on this site, but it is still there and it may make some viewers uncomfortable. The worst of it is a partial view of Isla’s butt in an imagined scenario. There is also the stereotypical, “I tripped and fell on top of you,” scene, although in Tsukasa’s case nothing perverse actually happens as a result. Michiru may not see it that way, but her reactions are part of the humor that runs through this section of the episode.
Now, with all that said, don’t write Plastic Memories off as just another comedy show quite yet. While the comedic moments certainly dominate the episode, the last third or so takes a slightly more serious tone as Tsukasa and Isla go shopping, which is Tsukasa’s attempt to grow closer to Isla. True, there are some comedic moments here as well, but the ultimate purpose of this (plot-wise, that is) is to reveal why Isla keeps her distance. Okay, so it may not be explicitly stated, but it’s fairly easy to figure out, given her reaction to something Tsukasa says. While this creates a moment of tension, it doesn’t last long, and whether that is for better or for worse may depend upon the viewer and what he/she is hoping to see plot-wise. In any case, it certainly leads to the episode ending on a sober, albeit cheerful, note.

A Christian Perspective:

Surely you need guidance to wage war, and victory is won through many advisers. – Proverbs 24:6
This may or may not be the best verse for seeking godly counsel to insert here, but it works for the intended purpose. You see, Tsukasa goes to his co-workers in regards to his frustrations with Isla’s seemingly cold reception of him as a roommate, and as a result he receives various suggestions as to how he can get Isla to like him. Some of the suggestions are genuinely good—bring her flowers and cook for her, for example. Others, not so much—walk in on her in the shower, force yourself on her, do something unexpected (which leads to Tsukasa dressing in drag). The problem here is that Tsukasa takes all of the advice (minus walking in on Isla in the shower), and none of it works. Again, some of the advice is genuinely good advice, but just because advice is good doesn’t always guarantee it will work.
Well, that doesn’t seem to tie into today’s verse very well, does it? After all, this verse states that victory is won through many advisers. The problem is that not all of Tsukasa’s counselors are particularly wise. Perhaps none of them truly are. In any event, we can ascertain from this episode that not all the advice we receive is wise, and we have to consider from whom we are taking that advice and whether that advice is sound. In the case of we Christians, we should weigh the advice we receive against the Bible, because if the advice contradicts what God says in His Word, then that advice is neither wise nor godly.

Content Guide:

Language: None
Alcohol/Drug Use: None
Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Eru shows cleavage; a hypothetical scene shows Isla in the shower—for the most part, you don’t see anything until Isla falls over, at which point you see part of her butt; Tsukasa takes his shirt off to work out; Isla is shown getting herself tangled up while trying to dress herself, and as a result you can see a portion of her underwear
Violence: Tsukasa is punched in the face and does a fine job of hurting himself several times
Blood/Gore: None
Other: Tsukasa and Isla begin to live together (as do the other marksman/spotter teams); Eru gives Tsukasa “pervert lessons” or something like that; Tsukasa dresses in women’s clothes; Tsukasa falls on top of Isla (although it is purely accidental)
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