Review: Tales of Zestiria the X, Episode 12: The Lord of Calamity

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The first portion of Tales of Zestiria the X wraps up with enough blood and intensity to satisfy any action fan. Alisha’s fate manages to be one of the biggest draws of the episode, although Sorey’s encounter with the Lord of Calamity certainly shouldn’t be dismissed. In terms of plot, the anime still follows the game, although at this point it is to the most bare-bones degree. Sorey still confronts the Lord of Calamity and afterward heads toward Rolance, but that’s about it. The whole Alisha/Rose alliance never happens in the game (in fact, Rose doesn’t even become more than a supporting character until after the first encounter with the Lord of Calamity), Sorey doesn’t struggle with malevolence, Alisha’s status as squire has already been established and revoked by this point, and, as far as I remember, her squire status did not enable her to see the Seraphim.
Overall, the writers seem to be trying to rewrite the deeper details of the story. Even if this isn’t the case, the development of the anime’s story is certainly a little more cohesive than what it was in the game, and the greater focus on Alisha is a much-welcomed change for fans. One of the biggest complaints that people had when the game first released was how little Alisha actually figured into the story, despite her prominence in promotional material. On top of that, the way she was written out of the greater part of the story felt weak at best. In the anime, however, we see Alisha become a stronger character, and her establishment as a squire feels a bit more justified, although it will be interesting to see how things play out concerning Rose with these new developments. Either way, it makes me glad to know that there is a second season coming which will (hopefully) tell the rest of the story, because the anime has certainly dealt with some of my complaints concerning the game’s original story so far.

A Christian Perspective:

I’ve probably used this comparison before, but Sorey’s struggle with malevolence is symbolic of our struggle with sin: although we have the power to overcome it, we still have to be wary of it pulling us in. To take this episode further, though, we can liken the Lord of Calamity to Satan, especially as he challenges Sorey to see how well he can handle the large swarm of malevolence attacking him. We have no hope of overcoming sin in our lives without relying on Jesus and His work within us.


Language: None
Alcohol/Drug Use: None
Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Symonne’s outfit is a bit fanservicey
Violence: Soldiers are blown back by a Seraphim’s attack; Sorey battles the Lord of Calamity and a hellionized human
Blood/Gore: Blood on and around Alisha’s body; blood on Alisha’s clothing; blood on the battlefield

The Bottom Line



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