Review: Sonic Super Digest #9 (Special Edition)

As I have been a Sonic fan for most of my life, I’ve built up quite a collection of Sonic comics I have been faithful to the Sonic Super Digest series ever since I saw the first one for $4 at the grocery store. The thing I always loved most about them is the fact that they include many of the classic Sonic comics from Sonic’s glory days. It has also been a nice way for me to get updated on how all the other Sonic comic series’ are going without too many spoilers or ads. Sonic Super Digest #9, as suggested by the title, is the ninth entry in the series.

In this issue, we start off with a good short story of Bunnie Rabbot reminiscing about how she became partially roboticized. After that story, there is an adaption of Sonic Unleashed that is spread throughout of the rest of the comic, divided by other stories and character info This adaption starts off with the Freedom Fighters rescuing citizens from a flood after the world was split into many fragments (Though it is not explained how it got that way, I assume it is Eggman’s doing, as it was in the Sonic Unleashed Video Game). While the earlier parts of this issue are amazing, the latter parts decline in quality. The issue ends up throwing the story somewhere to an underwater land where anthropomorphic sharks come into play, which are things that were never in Sonic Unleashed game. I really feel like it takes the whole story of Unleashed to a point that is barely recognizable, and much less enjoyable than Sonic Unleashed‘s original plot. As a dedicated fan of the series, I hate to say that it’s been broken beyond recognition, but it is.

On the bright side, this comic includes a solid adaption of Tails Adventures (an obscure game for the Sega Game Gear), which skillfully and enjoyably implemented characters such as Antione D’Coolete and Bunnie Rabbot who were in SatAM, but not in the original game. It illustrates Tails, the two previously mentioned, and Tails’ robot dog, T-Pup, as they attack Kuku’s Island Base. If you have read the previous issue, you would know that Tails took Bunnie and Antione to this island for their honeymoon before they knew it was the Kukus’ Base, but this issue fails to explain that. I enjoyed this adaption more than all the others in the book.

Aside from that those stories, there is another short of Sonic and Bunnie answering a call for help from a colony, with Bunnie finding her uncle to be on the opposing side of that colony. Bunnie visits her uncle, and is riding with him toward the colony Sonic is helping. Sonic attacks her uncle, and she and Sonic fight. The story cuts of there, and will likely be continued next issue.

Content Guide


Nothing major. No swearing, threats are as far as it goes.


Characters get in basic “Whack! Whack!” fights, nothing gory.

Alcohol/Drug Reference


Spiritual Content

Much about “The spirits this” or “The spirits that” very heavily for a brief period, and no references to religion are made to explain what kind of spirits (I.E., Christian or not).

Sexual Content

Cleavage revealed in Archie advertisements, Bunnie Rabot reveals cleavage a few times.

Other Negative Content

What’s very confusing about a lot of these stories is that there’s little to no explanation on how the story got its current point. In the Unleashed adaption, the Freedom Fighters have double memories, possibly of some past, but it isn’t ever really spelled out. Whenever something unexplained in the comic comes up, you are told what comic it is in (Dr.Eggman: “Which, if you hadn’t interrupted Super Sonic..**” then, in an information box, “**Worlds Collide Volume 3 Graphic Novel.“). Now, being a collector for years, I’ve got a nice sized box with MANY Sonic comics inside, but keeping up with every comic in the series would be very difficult and expensive, so I guess I will be in the dark about many things throughout the comic. Sorrowfully, there are no classic Sonic comics included in this issue, something the previous eight supplied bountifully.


So is this Comic worth buying? Well, I don’t regret buying it, but it’s definitely not as valuable to me as previous Digests. Issue #6 was super-sized and cover-to-cover classics; completely worth the extra few bucks it cost. But this issue doesn’t contain any classic Sonic comics at all, while the past issues faithfully supplied them. If classics is all you need, go check out the previously mentioned Issue #6 and get the classic Sonic goodness you desire. Happy Gaming!


Adaptions to previous Sonic games Nice artwork Some good stories Lots of action


Spiritual content Some cleavage One adaption goes way off Random uninteresting characters introduced

The Bottom Line


Story/Plot 6.9

Writing 7.4


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