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A Christian Response to Toxic Geek Culture

By Thomas White | September 14, 2021

Geeks are passionate people, but that passion can often become toxic. How can we as Christians be a light amidst toxic fandoms?

Confronting Darkness

By Courtney Floyd | July 2, 2021
Cross on a hill with sunset in the background

Where is God in all this suffering? He’s right there.

Jesus, Me, and ASD: An Exploration of Identity

By Rachael DeLaria | June 24, 2021

My prayer is Jesus will transform and conform me, helping me as I strive to find my identity in him.

Drink Up, Me Hearties, That Cup Of Suffering

By Melissa Ruiz | May 2, 2021

God and the Prime Directive

By Rachael DeLaria | March 21, 2021

It’s a question many people have asked: How can a good God let bad things happen?

What A Toddler Taught Me About God’s Love

By Stephen Hall | March 21, 2021

Sometimes the deepest lessons about God’s love come from kids who are still in diapers.


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