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God and the Prime Directive

By Rachael DeLaria | March 21, 2021

It’s a question many people have asked: How can a good God let bad things happen?

What A Toddler Taught Me About God’s Love

By Stephen Hall | March 21, 2021

Sometimes the deepest lessons about God’s love come from kids who are still in diapers.

2020 recap A year of Learning

By Dary Collazo | January 2, 2021

There has been A LOT of negatives to this year, the pandemic, movies and games getting delayed, not being able to travel, not being able to gather with friends and family, and many more.

When Nothing Goes To Plan

By Melissa Ruiz | November 22, 2020

AN: Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio (internet) silence these past few months! I recently welcomed into the world my third son in three years, Felix Esperanzo, on September 18, 2020. It’s been a very busy few months, to say the least, but as we get back into the swing of things at home, my…

Are You a Good Man, Arthur Morgan?

By Andrea Racoti | October 9, 2020

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is a harsh one, with most people struggling to etch out an honest living, while others form gangs instead. Some of these gangs are unrepentantly violent, taking what they want with no regard to how savage their actions can be towards others. The Van der Linde gang is anarchistic…

An Introvert’s Thoughts on Community: Hospitality in All Hues

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol | September 6, 2020

This may be the weirdest time to talk about intentional community and hospitality, but hey – I can’t control when and why my personal convictions pop up for consideration.


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