5 Tips For Graduates

It’s the time of year again – graduation time is upon us. This event is viewed as a rite of passage by graduates and parents alike. It’s a time of great change in one’s life, so it’s very important to align your priorities before taking that next step. Here are 5 simple things I want to share with you:

1. Let God lead

First and foremost, this one is definitely the most important. Now that you’ll be more exposed to the world it’ll try to steer you in its direction. It’ll tell you what it thinks you should do to be happy. My advice is don’t listen to it. Continue to walk hand in hand with the Lord. Let him lead you even when it doesn’t make sense, never lose that closeness with your Heavenly Father.

2. Make the pay of your potential career your least important priority

I know this sounds crazy, right? But trust me on this one – do what you’re most passionate about no matter how much it pays. Good paychecks can only drive you so far, eventually your heart will want to pursue what will make you happy. Don’t get stuck in a good paying job you hate while life quickly passes you by.

3. Don’t worry about the present – but focus on the future

Also known as building a good foundation, and we all know what the Bible tells us about that. Don’t follow the crowd and worry about being the “cool college kid”. Similar to high school, no one will know who did what ten years from now. What you will be stuck with is the foundation you’ve built composed of all the important decisions you’ll make over the next few years.

4. Recognize what this moment means to your parents

Just the other day, I dropped my daughter off for her last day of kindergarten. I then proceeded to cry all the way home. This was a mini milestone that my little girl had accomplished. I knew that before I realized it she’ll be walking on stage to get her diploma. Well, high school graduation is one of the biggies. It means that now your parents realize childhood is over. The next phase, which is young adulthood, begins. For some of you, you’ll be leaving the nest. Which for the sake of any parents reading this, I just won’t get into right now.

5. Savor this moment

I am friends with some of the exiting Seniors on Facebook and Twitter. Of course I know how much you’re looking forward to actually graduating, but don’t take this special opportunity for granted. Remember how hard you’ve worked to get to this point, because it hasn’t been easy. You should take time to thank those who helped you accomplish your goals. Set aside special time to spend with your friends, some of whom you may not see much going forward. Don’t just sit there on graduation night thinking about making that final walk to get your diploma. This is one of those great moments in life, make it count.

Jarrod Newton

Christian Living Writer at Geeks Under Grace. Follower of Christ. Husband. Father of 1 with another on the way. Founder of Doulos Evangelism & Outreach Ministries. Writer of Regular Christian Guy @ regularchristianguy.com. Proponent of radical, countercultural Christianity.

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