God Has Been Back To The Future

In Back to the Future Marty McFly goes on a journey through time to try and change the condition of the present. In other iterations he goes into the future and then into the far past. Each attempt trying to change something to result in a better present situation. Each time he did this he changed something drastically enough that he realize the essential butterfly effect of time.
There are many things in our lives that we wish we would have done differently. I can name five things right now that if I could have done them differently I would have, but those very things I did that I consider to be mistakes have brought me to where I am here and now. I could worry about them, dwell on the past for the rest of my life living with resentment and regrets, but that wouldn’t change a single thing about where I am today.
In fact Jesus address this very thing when He talks about worrying about the future. In Matthew 6:27, Jesus asks the question, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” The obvious answer is no, and the same can be said about changing things we have done in the past. The Apostle Paul’s past was wrought with terrible atrocities. He killed and jailed Christian men and women. If anyone had something to wish they could take back, I would think Paul should be able to go first, but he barely even mentions what he had done before Jesus.
When we get caught up in worrying about the past or thinking about the future, we miss out on the now. We miss what God is doing with us in this present moment, what He is trying to teach us and show us.
God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Many people today try to change God to make Him fit into the mold of our current culture and society. We look at what is going on around us, whether it be changes in acceptance of sin, or changes to the standards of God. The beauty of God and His word is that it is and will always be timeless. To us, this means that no matter what is happening around us, God’s word still stands strong in it’s face. God also knows where you are and where you are going, the same can be said about the condition of the Earth. Nothing catches God off guard.
So the next time the Enemy tries to convince you that the sins of your past are just too much, and you look at our changing culture and fear for its future, remember, God has been there already, He knows the outcome and He has it under control.


Happy “Back To The Future” Day from Geeks Under Grace!

Drew Koehler

Founder and writer for Geeks Under Grace. Christian, Husband, Father, Sailor and Geek!

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