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A number of years ago, I heard Bobby Conner tell the story about how he lost a keepsake knife that Bob Jones had given him. He was in a hotel room, and he began to say, “I want my knife back! God, I want my knife back!” And then, the knife appeared and dropped onto the bed in front of him. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to think of that story until the day that God did the same thing for me.
I had been working at home in my office and my wife had spent the morning shopping at a few local stores. Some time after she had returned home she realized that she had lost her wallet. She searched everywhere she knew to look before coming in to tell me she had lost it. One by one, she called each of the stores she had visited that morning with no success. Then, she looked again in her purse, around the house, and in our SUV.
At this point she came back in to ask for help. So I stepped away from my work and began searching the house and SUV as well. I couldn’t find her wallet anywhere. I came back in and sat back down in my office and began to pray. Not because I felt spiritual, but because I just didn’t know what else to do. And suddenly this story from Bobby Connor came to my mind.
After a while I thought, “God, if you did it for him, you’ll do it for me.” I went straight back outside to the SUV and opened the driver’s door. I prayed, “God, we need Mandy’s wallet back.” The only problem with that prayer is that God doesn’t answer need—He answers faith.
So I searched everywhere around the driver seat. Then, I walked around the front of the SUV and searched around the front passenger seat. Then, I searched around the rear passenger seat. Then, I searched in the back. Finally, I got to the point that I actually believed God would do it and I became fed up with not seeing my prayer answered.
I prayed with intensity, “God, I want Mandy’s wallet back and I want it back now!” Of course, we can’t tell God what to do. It was more about bringing myself into the place that I believed God heard my prayer, that he would answer it, and nothing short of that was acceptable in my life.
I closed the back hatch and moved to the rear driver side door, grabbed the door handle, and paused. I prayed again, “God, I want that wallet back now!” I opened the door and suddenly saw the wallet sitting in the middle of the floor on the rear passenger side where I had just looked less than a minute before. It was sitting right there in the open where I had just searched, and where Mandy had looked at least twice.
God gave us the wallet back. God answers faith. God will answer you.


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