Is PBS Pro-Choice? (Christian News) 9/8/14

PBS aired a documentary about late-term abortions. A mega church in Alabama hopes to build a low income-housing complex. Founder of Chic-fil-A dies at 93.

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QOTD: How do you feel about the amount of money that mega-churches make?

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Mega Church To Build Low Income Housing

PBS Pro-Choice?

Chic-fil-A Founder Dies

Is PBS Pro-Choice? (Christian News)

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  1. Rob M. on September 9, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    I’ll bite and provide some thoughts on the QOTD:

    In the end, I think it depends on what the churches do with the money. Obviously having a lot of Christians meeting in one place and giving their money means a large portion of money being concentrated in one area. This means these mega-churches have the capacity to make a larger impact on the community around them than, say, the little community church with 20 members two towns over. The problem is, are the mega-churches doing that, or are they using the money they bring in to make their churches better? I mean, obviously there are going to be necessary costs–electricity, staff, maintenance, etc., but if you spend the tithes and offerings given to you to upgrade your sound system every six months, then are you really doing what God would want with the money? Honestly, if the project you talked about in your video was actually what it sounded like, then I’d say it’s a good thing, but calling it a housing project and then producing what sounds more like an upscale rec center is not my idea of what the low-income populace. On the other hand, if the church was building affordable homes (or even apartments) that they would rent/sell at rates that were affordable to those of the lower income bracket (I could suggest giving the houses away, but that wouldn’t be very Christian of me, now would it?…. oh wait….) then I’d say they were doing the right thing. Just some thoughts.

    As for the pro-choice argument, I don’t follow PBS, so I know nothing about them. I did once see a bumper sticker that said, “Pro Child, Pro Family, Pro Choice”, and it leaves me scratching my head. How can you be pro-child, and at the same time be pro-killing-the-child? Mind boggling.

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