(April Fools!) Joel Osteen Ministries Buys Geeks Under Grace

We here at GUG are pleased to announce we have been absorbed into the Joel Osteen Ministries family of websites!
As of today (April 1st) you will begin seeing wonderful content such as Your Best Life Now articles inserted into every bit of news and reviews we undertake. We have decided here at JO: GUG (Joel Osteen’s Geeks Under Grace) that people would appreciate our content more if we dulled down the religious connotations and amped up the idea that you can have all the reviews without any religious guilt.
From this day forward our categories will include: Your Best Review Now, which will cover all reviews of all content; Your Best News Now, sifting through all the bad news to bring you only good news; and Your Best Let’s Plays Now, showcasing only videos that will make you feel better about yourself.
Joel Osteen Ministries offered us so much money that we couldn’t turn down the idea of selling our soul website. All of our staff has sworn an oath to the big JO and will from this day forward only bring you Your Best Geeks Under Grace Now. 

Drew Koehler

Founder and writer for Geeks Under Grace. Christian, Husband, Father, Sailor and Geek!


  1. knifeblader on April 2, 2015 at 3:01 am

    For a second I was terrified then I noticed how many people rated this with a LOL…then I started laughing. Nice one!

  2. Marnus Vermeulen on April 1, 2015 at 11:40 am

    So freaking glad this is only an April Fool joke! Haha but nice satirical points made 😉 I see what you did there 😛

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