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Flawed Faith: The Radicalism of The Gospel According to St. Matthew

By Tyler Hummel | April 10, 2020

What does it mean to live life radically the way Jesus did?

An Open Letter to Christians During COVID-19

By August Dittbenner | April 4, 2020

What should our response be as Christians to the worldwide threat our world is facing? We can hide away or we can use this time to find God’s higher purpose

When Discouragement Takes Over

By Melissa Ruiz | March 29, 2020

Nobody’s perfect, but sometimes we can let that fact get to us. Here’s why it’s okay to let go and let God when it comes to anything we do.

The Doorkeeper

By Rebecca Godlove | March 27, 2020

Doorkeepers are often overlooked where they serve, but one man doing a simple task for the Lord can change the lives of many.

Flawed Faith: DOOM and The Doomslayer’s Irreverent Damnation

By Tyler Hummel | March 15, 2020

Like anything else, the sparks of divinity are buried deep in the DOOM franchise. Here’s what Tyler Hummel believes it teaches us.

Two Evenings with C.S. Lewis: Reflections on Two Powerful Stage Plays

By Tyler Hummel | March 10, 2020

No story about C.S. Lewis should leave us without the hope and reality that we are not merely meant for this world, and both of these plays deliver.


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