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50 Answers Non-Christians Think Christians Don’t Have (Part 1)

By Drew Koehler | June 17, 2014

This article is being written in response to a article titled “50 Questions that Christians Can’t Answer” from REPuckett. The main issue with the article are the assumptions the author makes regarding God expecting Him to think the way we think. I will do my best to answer each question in a logical and…

What’s in a Thorn?

By Shawn Bain | June 11, 2014

If you have ever touched a thorn, we may have a mutual opinion about it. Thorns aren’t something you spend a lot of time looking at simply because they aren’t alluring. They look like little horns, and their sole purpose is to cause pain. But they are on the stems of one of our most…

Symbiote Spider-Man: A Metaphor for Christian Living and Sin

By Shawn Bain | June 11, 2014

Many creative ventures in the entertainment world today do not reflect Christian values, in fact many do quite the opposite. Can Christians pull some spiritual truths from today’s secular stories though? I think so. Before we start it is important to note that while I don’t think the writers intentionally put biblical truths in their…


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