Televangelists Are Villains Now? (Christian News Show) 2-4-15

TBN allegedly threatened the founder’s granddaughter’s head for not giving them 100 million dollars.  Christian bakers were charged with discrimination for not making cake for a gay couple and Jordan has caused some controversy by executing two ISIS prisoners in retaliation.


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Christian Bakers Fined $150,000

TBN Are Villains

Jordan Retaliates


Televangelists Are Villains Now? (Christian News Show)


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  1. Dillon Lewis on February 6, 2015 at 4:23 am

    First off, “How does one gay up a cake?”…ROFL!

    In response to Jordan, I have done a fair bit of study on the country and I have to say that it is easy to love this country in comparison to some of its surrounding countries. It is very liberal (not by our definition) in comparison to others in its region. From what I understand people have the freedom to practice their religion (apart from Satanic), but only Muslim’s are legally allowed to proselytize. The people openly love their king and queen, not because they have to but because they want to.

    I do have to say that I am glad that someone is taking action against ISIS. I’m glad that Jordan is not letting ISIS just push them over. Terrorist Rashiwa had been convicted and sentenced to death in 2006 in conspiring with several bombings of hotels that killed 60 people in 2005, although her bomb malfunctioned thus she was caught.

    Terrorist Karboli killed a truck driver in 2005 and was caught with explosives. He was sentenced to death in 2008. Both of these had gone through the justice system and have been on death row for some time, along with 109 inmates on death row still.

    As a Christian, I do realize that God has instituted the death penalty. The executions of these particular terrorists seem to me to fit that institution. I do think that the time that they chose to execute them and for retaliation to ISIS could complicate things or instigate more trials to come. God has also shown us to be merciful, though. I do think we should provide them the opportunity to accept Christ for He can forgive their sins. Yet we do need to answer for our actions. There are also some people that have hardened their hearts so much to the Gospel that there is not much hope for them. We are not to cast out pearls to the swine (waste our time forcing the Gospel on those who just won’t receive it.) It is all very complicated…

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