72 Hour Live Streaming Event – Geeks Under Grace Twitch Drive

Geeks Under Grace 72 Hour Twitch Drive

Do you like video games? Do you like helping out the Christian community? Join Geeks Under Grace June 19th-21st for 72 hours of non-stop live streaming game-play at Twitch.tv/GeeksUnderGrace. We will be playing many favorites and some games you may not have heard of. There will be laughs, (Because awkwardness at 2 am is hilarious) tears, (Games have gotten really emotional lately) and everything in between. (Because let’s face it, rage quits happen)
Tuning in is absolutely free. Though, Geeks Under Grace will be taking donations. Proceeds will go to helping Geeks Under Grace impact the geek, and Christian cultures. What does that mean?
We want to educate Christians on how to safely pop culture from our worldview,evangelize geeks with with the message of the Gospel and support the geek community, equip Christians and churches to reach geeks with the gospel and encourage Christians as they grow a deeper relationship with Christ.
If you believe in any of those goals we encourage you to share this event with all of your friends and family, pray for the event, and if you can, donate. Every dollar counts.

Cody Armour

YouTuber, Geek and most importantly Christian. You can always find me at www.YouTube.com/ArmourCody giving you the news, or on Twitter @CodyArmour

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