Armello Is Available Now On PS4 And PC

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League Of Geeks’ promising fantasy board-game, Armello, officially launched today on PS4 and PC.
The launch version vastly improves upon what the Early Access community awarded a 93% positive rating by doubling the number of playable characters from four to eight, introducing a new winter themed board, overhauling all the graphics (while keeping the art-style intact) and completely revamping multiplayer matchmaking.
The vibrant magical world of Armello is falling into darkness. The lion king has been driven insane by a corrupting evil force known as Rot. The kingdom’s four animal clans – Bear, Rabbit, Rat and Wolf – have called forth their heroes to brave the dangerous journey to the king’s palace and challenge the throne of the now mad ruler.
Players can choose a character from one of the four clans, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities, then compete against three others for control of the throne.
The first character that manages to kill the king and survive the battle is crowned the new ruler. However, simply killing the king is not the only way to seize the throne. Patient players can try to win the king’s favor and wait until he dies for the kingdom to be passed down to the most loyal hero. Collecting four Spirit Stones and confronting the lion in battle can also restore peace to the land. Finally, characters can turn to the dark side and acquire more Rot than the King, harnessing the evil power in order to defeat him.
While it is a competitive game at heart, Armello allows for cooperation between players. However, these shaky and unreliable alliances are fleeting and capable of falling apart at any moment. This makes other power-hungry characters just as deadly a threat as the zealous royal guards or the evil banes spawned by Rot.
Features of Armello include:
  • Pick-up-and-play simplicity that maintains the depth of turn-based strategy
  • Experience a new procedurally-generated board every match
  • Eight playable characters, each with their own unique play styles
  • Complete over 200 dynamic quests to earn items, cards or stat bonuses
  • Collect and play more than 120 beautifully animated cards
  • Select one of two game modes – single player or online multiplayer for up to four players
  • Conquer Armello in four ways – Combat, Prestige, Spirit Stone or Rot
“When we first had the crazy idea to blend the deep strategy and experience of tabletop gaming with the stunning visuals and rich, immersive experience that digital affords, we could never have imagined how far that idea would take us,” said Trent Kusters, founder and director, League of Geeks. “After years of dedicated hard work and with the help of an outstanding in-game community, Armello has reached a level of polish and sophistication that makes us very proud to formally release it as the very first game from League of Geeks.”
Armello is now available for purchase on Steam and PlayStation 4 for $19.99 USD. Playstation Plus members can pick up Armello with 30% off for the first two weeks after launch. The game is available in 13 different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese.
While I am a bit disappointed that Armello did not usurp Grow Home as this month’s free Vote To Play Playstation Plus title, I am happy to see that the game is launching with some new features and content. What do you think of Armello? Will you be purchasing the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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