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Crimsonland 2


Content Warning: Blood and Gore and Violence

Crimsonland is a top down, indie shooter. The game looks as if it was pulled straight from the arcade and placed right onto your TV screen. Crimsonland reminds me a lot of the game Dead Nation that came out on the PS3 and PS4 but, with a hint of RPG elements in it. You’ll be surviving an onslaught of different species such as; spiders, beetles, mutant lizards, zombies, and more.

Crimsonland 3


Rating 6.8 out of 10

There is a mode called “Quests” but it doesn’t really tell a story in any way that you would normally expect a game to. On certain levels you’ll be fighting only just one species of creatures, and at some point you’ll have to destroy the hives that the spiders, zombies, mutant lizards, and the other creatures come out of to complete your missions. Other times Crimsonland will just have you surviving a never ending onslaught of enemies. At the top of your screen it will show your progress as you try to complete the objective. Once you fill said progress bar, you will successfully complete the level. After each level you complete, you unlock a new weapon or you get a new perk. Perks are not used in quest mode and seem to be for playing the survival game mode only. In quest mode, you’ll have game changing power up drops that will help you wipe the enemies off the screen. Like for instance, the fire ammo. The fire ammo enables your weapon to shoot out fire for a certain period of time. Or you can get the freeze power up that freezes all enemies within the distance and allows you to take them out with ease.


Crimsonland 4



Rating: 8.5 out of 10

If you’re interested in the endless horde/survival kind of games. Then you are in luck… Crimsonland is the game for you! There is an awesome game mode called “Rush” which hands you an assault rifle and leaves you to fend off countless waves of enemies. There is also a game mode called “Weapon Picker”. “Weapon Picker” has you pick up a weapon and gives you a limited amount of ammo. Once that ammo is out you will need to move quick to acquire another weapon. If you don’t then you might as well prepare for the game over screen.


The Good: 

– There is a lot of variety of weapons to choose from. Some of them you might find useful while taking down the onslaught of creatures.

– A vast variety of perks. Some can be very useful and others not so useful but when I was playing the survival game mode a lot of the perks you choose in the levels that you progress through are useful.

– The game feature 4 player local co-op. If you ever have friends over and want to play a game together you can let them play this game because you can take the horde down a lot easier then it just being one person. Trust me! You would rather have 3 other people with you then just you by yourself.

-Touchpad feature on the PS4 makes it so that you can aim your weapon to any point on the screen with ease. If you want to play old school then the dual analog sticks work too.

The Bad: 

– It didn’t happen often but, sometimes the framerate would drop when there was a lot of enemies on screen. Kind of disappointing considering I played on the PS4 but, it was a rare occurrence.

– There is a ton of blood and gore in this game. Normally blood is fine when there isn’t a ton of it. This one has buckets and buckets of the red stuff. Whenever, I finished a level there were tons of dead creatures, and lots of blood.

– There wasn’t a tutorial mode which I admit, was a bit jarring.


I was really impressed overall by this game. It wasn’t bad, but I think a lot of people will enjoy this game. The graphics are amazing for a game like this. It had an arcade feel to it when I was playing it. Especially on the PS4 where all of the games render 1080p on it. Crimsonland is available on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and Steam.

The Bottom Line

You're going to have fun with this game as you try to take out hordes of zombies, spiders, mutant lizards, aliens, and more!



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