Review: Lucadian Chronicles (Wii U)

Content Warning: Nothing is really shown, but magic and violence are implied. Content wise, I would not recommend this to anyone under ten.


There is indeed a story. Despite the attempt to tell one, I can’t even begin to describe what happened. Everything is presented by floating heads and text boxes. Absolutely nothing special and very predictable.



The gameplay here will be familiar to those who have played Magic: The Gathering or any similar card game. In Lucadian Chronicles, you have a deck of cards that you pick five from for each battle. You can make minor adjustments like which card is in the back row or front row. For strategy sake, it gives you a limit on how many strong cards you can play at once. Each card has a number on it representing its strength. You will only be allowed a certain amount of strength between your five cards.
Unfortunately, the most thinking/playing you will do will be when you pick your five cards. Once the battle begins, you don’t do anything. Your cards have fights with other cards. It is quite dull, and I found myself leaving the game on fast forward while watching TV.
That is right. I watched TV to keep myself from being bored by Lucadian Chronicles.
Really, outside of picking your cards, there isn’t anything else to do. Strategy is at a minimum as your hand will easily wipe out the opposing team’s deck with ease. Later on it becomes a little bit more challenging but not by much. I just played around with my hand until I found another dominant five cards that ran through the enemies.
The game boasts having over one hundred cards, but who cares? You can beat the game with about twenty of them. You can also evolve your cards as you go along, but it is also pretty mindless. Mindless… is really the best way to describe the gameplay. Requires little thought or interactivity on your part.
Hearthstone, this is not.
There is also an online game mode, and this is about as fun as the campaign. You are better off playing anything else online. Coliseum mode is a practice mode of sorts, as you get to pick cards for both hands and see how they play out.
The GamePad is nothing special here as it just displays what the TV shows. The Miiverse is predictably the most entertaining part of the game. People post absurd things, and I absolutely love it. However, after a while they became intrusive and got in the way of the game and I found myself turning it off.



Graphics and Sound

Lucadian Chronicles could have been played on the SNES. Graphics and sounds could have easily been down-scaled to that system, and it would have been the same game. Watching cards fight each other is a dull experience that will never wow you. I actually found the game to be ugly on my TV, and I just stuck to playing it on my GamePad. Sound effects are basic and not noteworthy. Music is pretty much all the game has going for it. The soundtrack was epic and yet soothing.




If my review has not completely swayed you, then you can download the demo in the E-Shop. It will let you play a decent portion and allow you to form your own opinion. The $7.99 price tag is absurd to me as I wouldn’t even pay one dollar to play this. Mowing my lawn for free sounds more appealing than being forced to ever boot this game up on my Wii U again. I can’t give the game any worse of a score due to the fact that nothing is broken, just boring.
Reviewed on Wii U. Review copy provided by Dark Roast.

The Bottom Line

A dull experience that is the worst game I have played on the Wii U.



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