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Square Enix is most well known for the Final Fantasy JRPG franchise. While flying solo as Squaresoft for years, Squaresoft eventually merged with competing JRPG giant, Enix to form one company. Recently, Square Enix has taken to publishing titles that do not fall into the RPG genre they are perhaps most comfortable in and accustomed to. Recent hits like Hitman: Absolution and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition have brought much success to the RPG giant and Square Enix has found themselves in a comfortable position to continue publishing polished, beautiful, third-person action experiences while simultaneously developing new entries in the Final Fantasy, Bravely Default, and Kingdom Hearts franchises. Square Enix also publishes the Deus Ex franchise which has seen renewed success after positive sales of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Content Warning: The reveal footage below may contain violence, drug use, language, and/or sexuality. Please watch at your own discretion.

Tuesday, June 16th

Square Enix began their E3 2015 conference with a sizzle reel of footage from the upcoming Just Cause 3. Phil Rogers, Corporate CEO of Square Enix America and Europe came on stage to lay the foundation for the company’s E3 presentation and build excitement for the upcoming announcements. Rogers then introduced Square Enix collective, which offers independent developers a chance to showcase their creations with support from Square Enix.
Roland Lesterlin, Just Cause 3 Game Director at Avalanche Studios introduced the first live gameplay reveal of the upcoming sequel. The sequel will feature even more open-world destruction and an improved grappling hook mechanic. Just Cause will launch globally on December 1st on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
Yosuke Saito, Business Division VI Producer for Square Enix appeared on stage to announced the development of a new game in the NieR series for PS4. Yoko Taro, NieR New Project Director and Atsushi Inaba, NieR New Project Producer for Platinum Games Inc. revealed more information about the game. Square Enix promised that more details would be revealed this Fall.
Following the NieR New Project reveal, new footage for upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Rise Of The Tomb Raider was shown. The game will launch on November 1oth, 2015. Brian Horton, Game Director for Rise Of The Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics, appeared on stage to introduce a new behind-the-scenes video on the development of the next Tomb Raider game. The video showcased how the studio was able to capitalize on the strengths of the new consoles to really bring the world of Rise Of The Tomb Raider to life.
Patrick Naud, Head of Studio at Square Enix Montreal, came out to promote their two mobile releases in the Hitman franchise, Hitman GO and recently release Hitman: Sniper. He followed up the introduction with a look at a new Tomb Raider game for mobile devices entitled Lara Croft GO. With turn based gameplay, and visuals similar to the aforementioned Hitman GO, the game will be a slight departure from the type of gameplay Lara Croft fans are used to.
A sizzle reel showcase upcoming content for Final Fantasy XIV and Life is Strange as well as Dragon Quest: Heroes.
For the wildly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 reveal Kingdom Hearts series Executive Producer, Shinji Hashimoto took to the stage to promote the new sequel in the popular Disney/Final Fantasy RPG series. A video hosted by Walt Disney Animation Studios introduced the world premiere trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer revealed lush, vibrant worlds and the return of series heroes Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Hashimoto also revealed a new Kingdom Hearts title for mobile devices. Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Key will release on iOS and Android soon.
During the KH 3 reveal, a teaser trailer for the Final Fantasy 7 remake on PS4 was shown. Square Enix announced that while the release of the original FF7 for PS4 has been delayed, it will also release on iOS.
Hasimoto, also the producer on World of Final Fantasy, shared another trailer for the new Final Fantasy title. Hiroki Chiba, Director for World of Final Fantasy further explained the history of the title and the motivations behind its development. To make it more appealing Chiba wanted a game that anyone could play, with a unique art style.
Creative Director for I-O Interactive, Christian Elverdam, introduced the world premiere trailer for Hitman. Launching on December 8th, Elverdam promoted the new Hitman game as a title that will received regular updates and DLC content. Certain timed events will occur that once missed will be gone forever. With a renewed focus on stealth/action gameplay the new Hitman title will set the stage for the series’ future. Hitman will launch on December 8th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
A trailer for more upcoming Square Enix titles including Triad Wars, Hitman: Sniper and Final Fantasy XV was shown.
Square Enix and tri-Ace revealed a new Star Ocean game, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Shuichi Kobayashi, Producer of the game shared more about the development process and introduced the world premiere trailer for the new RPG. The game is still early in development but will release in the U.S. and Europe in Winter 2016.
David Anfossi, Eidos-Montreal Head of Studio and Mary DeMarle, Executive Narrative Director for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided took to the stage to reveal more information on the upcoming sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The pair revealed a world premiere trailer for the upcoming sequel that sheds some light on the story and characters of the game. The familiar stealth-shooter gameplay of the previous title was also on display in the trailer as were much improved visuals and mechanics. The end of the trailer revealed that the game is coming in early 2016 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
Yosuke Matsuda, President and CEO of Square Enix Holdings, came on stage to reveal Final Fantasy Portal, an informational app for Final Fantasy lore. The app will launch in the U.S. this Summer. Matsuda also revealed a surprise announcement of a new RPG project by newly formed developer Tokyo RPG Factory. The new project entitled, Project Setsuna will be a new RPG for the current generation of consoles. Concept art was shown but the game is still very early in development. Square Enix plans to launch the game globally in 2016. For more information on this new project players can visit the developer’s website.
A montage of all the day’s reveals closed out the show with Matsuda asking all the previous presenters to join him once again on stage. Matsuda invited everyone to check out the Square Enix booth for more footage and live demos of the games revealed in the company’s E3 briefing.
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