Fallout Terminal Hack Helper

fallout4 hack tool
Shortly after the launch of Fallout 3, analogbit.com created a Terminal Hack Helper tool for players to use as an aid for solving many of the hacking puzzles within the game. As it turns out, this hacking minigame has made its grand return with the recent release of Fallout 4.
According to the Hack Tool website, “the purpose of this tool is to help with the Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 hacking mini-game. While a few other hacking tools exist, this tool is better because it will help you to choose the optimal word to pick in the mini-game. Like the other tools, it also determines which words are eliminated based on the number of letters correct.”
If you have recently emerged from your Vault to explore the wasteland you may want to find the nearest terminal and check out this handy tool for deciphering codes for the hacking minigame.
What do you think of this tool? Will you be using it during your travels through the wasteland? Let us know in the comments.

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