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After playing an extensive amount of Rock Band lately, which included The Beatles and Green Day: Rock Band, I started imagining something. What would it be like if Flyleaf and Fireflight had their own Rock Band game? What would the venues be? What songs would be in the game? After all, they are loved by so many people. Including Christians and non-Christians. Well here is that idea fleshed out (50 songs with the game and 21 downloadable). Get to it Harmonix, well after you finish Rock Band 4 that is.
HERE is this same idea with other bands.


Year: 2008
Venue: Magic Springs (Hot Springs, Arkansas)
Track list: (In order of release) (20 total) (FL = Flyleaf; FF = Fireflight)
I’m So Sick (2005) (FL)
Fully Alive (2005) (FL)
Perfect (2005) (FL)
Cassie (2005) (FL)
Sorrow (2005) (FL)
All Around Me (2005) (FL)
There For You (2005) (FL)
Breathe Today (2005) (FL)
Waiting (2006) (FF)
You Decide (2006) (FF)
Star of the Show (2006) (FF)
Liar (2006) (FF)
Unbreakeable (2008) (FF)
You Gave Me a Promise (2008) (FF)
Brand New Day (2008) (FF)
The Hunger (2008) (FF)
Stand Up (2008) (FF)
Forever (2008) (FF)
Go Ahead (2008) (FF)
The Love We Had Before (2008) (FF)



Year: 2010
Venue: Sonshine Festival (Willmar, Minnesota)
Track list: (In order of release) (14 total) (FL = Flyleaf; FF = Fireflight)
Beautiful Bride (2009) (FL)
Again (2009) (FL)
Chasm (2009) (FL)
Missing (2009) (FL)
The Kind (2009) (FL)
In The Dark (2009) (FL)
Treasure (2009) (FL)
Arise (2009) (FL)
For Those Who Wait (2010) (FF)
Desperate (2010) (FF)
Fire in My Eyes (2010) (FF)
Core of My Addiction (2010) (FF)
What I’ve Overcome (2010) (FF)
All I Need To Be (2010) (FF)



Year: 2015
Venue: Upstate Concert Hall (Clifton Park, New York)
Track list: (In order of release) (16 total) (FL = Flyleaf; FF = Fireflight)
Stay Close (2012) (FF)
He Weeps (2012) (FF)
Stronger Than You Think (2012) (FF)
Prove Me Wrong (2012) (FF)
Now (2012) (FF)
Fire Fire (2012) (FL)
New Horizons (2012) (FL)
Call You Out (2012) (FL)
Freedom (2012) (FL)
Broken Wings (2012) (FL)
Set Me on Fire (2014) (FL)
Magnetic (2014) (FL)
Traitor (2014) (FL)
Sober Serenade (2014) (FL)
Home (2014) (FL)
Resuscitate (2015) (FF)



Downloadable Content
I’m Sorry (2005) (FL)
So I Thought (2005) (FL)
Fully Alive (Acoustic) (2005) (FL)
Red Sam (Acoustic) (2005) (FL)
Cassie (Acoustic) (2005) (FL)
I’m So Sick (Acoustic) (2005) (FL)
All Around Me (Acoustic) (2005) (FL)
Serenity (2006) (FF)
Something New (2006) (FF)
So Help Me God (2008) (FF)
Wrapped in Your Arms (2008) (FF)
This Close (2009) (FL)
Circle (2009) (FL)
Stand Up Acoustic (2009) (FF)
Brand New Day Acoustic (2009) (FF)
Forever Acoustic (2009) (FF)
Unbreakable Acoustic (2009) (FF)
You Decide Acoustic (2009) (FF)
You Give Me The Feeling (2010) (FL)
Ignite (2012) (FF)
We Are Alive (2015) (FF)


What band should I do next for a dream Rock Band game? Let me know in the comments!

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