5 Mistakes Android Hardware/Software Needs To Stop Making

I love Android. The OS is powered by Google, one of the most technologically saavy companies in the world. I can do word processing, manage my calendar, play video games and watch cat videos without having to leave my couch. I would gladly declare Android the king of easily accessible mobile technology except for one drawback: the hardware offerings more often than not make the software look incompetent. If you shelled out $300-$600 dollars then you probably have a premium phone that can do everything that Android imagined without so much as a hiccup. If you are looking for a deal and are on a tight budget then most likely you will find yourself encountering the following insurmountable flaws:
The prettiest brick!

 1. Single Processor Phones/Tablets

Imagine having a 150 pound muscular frame being supported by 30 pound skinny legs. That is what it feels like to have Android on a single processor. It cannot support itself. My first phone was a ZTE Warp Sequent. Upon booting up, the phone’s meager single processor could not handle the OS. Even if I didn’t download any apps, the processor could not even go to the home screen without lagging. Phone companies are trying to save you money with affordable technology, but it’s pointless if the phone cannot operate. This brings me to my next product….
It does nothing at alarming speeds

 2. Four Gigabyte Phones

My most recent phone is the LG Tribute. It is a Quad Processor with 1.33GHz. It can handle the latest graphical apps. I should be able to test that, but there is no space on the phone. It only has four gigs of space, and two of those gigs are used up by the OS. That means I have the capacity to download Evernote, Amazon MP3, Google Sheets, Mint, and Google Docs. After that, my phone does not have sufficient space to download anything else. But what about the mini SD card slot, you ask? Keep in mind that the mini SD card slot is only good for holding songs, pics, documents, and some minor supported apps. It’s the internal memory that does most of the heavy lifting. Any phone that does not offer eight gigs or more on its system is setting up the user for failure. I am now stuck with a phone that might not even be able to update itself because of memory problems.

I need a Delete App app

I need a Delete App app

3. Shovelware

Part of the problem with phones and tablets not having enough memory is because the company wants to jam all its shovelware on the phone. Shovelware encompasses extra apps that the phone company sponsors which comes pre-loaded onto your device, hence the derogatory name for its unpopularity. This is a frustration for technology owners who don’t want to sift through 3rd party calendars, note taking, amazon store affiliates, web banners, and unsolicited customer support. Much of this shovelware is cemented into the hard drive so you cannot delete it. I know that ZTE, Huawei, LG, Droid and Alcatel are getting kickbacks for having this extra stuff, but the quality these features tend to be very poor and does not provide a good experience for the end-user.

So much better than Flappy Pig and Piggy Wings

So much better than Flappy Pig and Piggy Wings

4.  Copycat and Deception Developers

The strength of the apps is what determines the popularity of the OS. While Android enjoys many premium apps created by top developers, it also hosts some of the laziest attempts at app making. I am talking about the app developers that take a popular idea, such as Flappy Bird, and make tons of indistinguishable remakes of the same idea—Flappy Wings, Wingy Birds, Birdy Wings. Some developers even take popular video games like Tekken or Soul Caliber and try to pawn it off as the actual game in app form. When you open the app, you get a bunch of screen shots of the console game and maybe a few Trojan viruses. These are traps and dangerous land mines among a few good gems. For ethical and quality reasons, Google needs to put limitations on this predatory practice.
Side note: I am noticing today’s mobile games mostly fall into three categories: Tower Defense, Card Trading, and City Building. The lack of innovation and the desire for game companies to stick with these categories means that you get endless versions of the same game, but with different coats of paint.
Hide your sisters, hide your wife!

5. Cyber Terrorism

Every so often I come across an app that is so shady that the very thought of downloading it gives me a virus. I am referring to the FreeMP3z, FreeMooviez, AllPS2Gamez of the Android world. While some of these developers are generous and want to give you pirated stuff, the others want to drop viruses, hacks, and spyware all over your phone. This is part of the territory with an OS that allows an open and free market; you get every shady developer. On the other hand, Apple with its iTunes platform is very smart for being proactive on this issue.
In addition, Google simply does not have a moral compass when allowing app makers on Google Play. You’ll get lots of Asian BabesHot XXX Posters and Free Porn apps. While Google has banned all nudity on their apps, it is still disheartening to see these choices come up when all I type in is “Asian Airlines.” For this reason, I wish Google would take a more conservative approach before green lighting their apps, but that’s wishful thinking.
I guess you get what you paid for.

Michael P M

I am a minister for Campus Ambassadors, a gymnastics customer service rep, a social media enthusiast and a writer. I try to collect obscure video games, I love comics and somewhere on Amazon I have a self published book. I am married to a beautiful and grounded woman. But most importantly, I have been seized by a great affection in the Lord.


  1. Conner Cannon on April 14, 2015 at 1:14 am

    I think most of the phones that would fit your issues are low end phones designed just to get the company a few extra bucks (not saying that is good either). But the low end even has exceptional options, Moto g 2013 or 14, and android silver is very promising. The only issue I have with android as a whole is third party skins created by OEMs instead of using vanilla android straight from google, which is just incredible. Just a small thought I had.

  2. Chris Thieblot on April 11, 2015 at 7:50 am

    This is a great post. I definitely agree that the lower-end of the Android spectrum is a fuzzy market. You really have to do your research because there is a bevy of choices. It seems they release it just to add to the massive spectrum of choice, in hopes to just make a few dollars. The high-end Android market shines.

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