GUG Treasure Hunters: A Geeky Mother’s Day 2015 Shopping Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, since moms can be geeks too, I thought we should get together a list of gifts to fit the occasion. Unfortunately for you, this means there is no excuse for last minute shopping. So, check out these awesome ideas and make sure your mom has a Mother’s Day that’s as great as she is. Being a mom myself, I can guarantee that there’s at least one mom out there that would love to have any of this (hint, hint)!


Just Say No To Mom-Jeans

Even moms like to show off their fandom every now and then. Fortunately, there is a whole world of geeky apparel that is appropriate for almost any occasion. Whether it’s a Dalek dress perfect for Sunday morning services or just some superhero socks, there is a wide variety of clothing to make her smile.
Dalek Dress

Batgirl Caped Shirt     Shera Tank Top     Loki Shirt


Marvel Socks     DC Socks     wonder-woman-caped-knee-high-socks.dsk

Geeky Bling

For those times when she can’t wear a full-on Storm Trooper suit, get your mom a little something to show her geeky side without going all-out. From Schroedinger’s cat earrings to a Harley Quinn collar, jewelry can be a great way to remind Mom you love her. You can even win extra points with some diamonds… well, Minecraft diamonds. There’s even a little something to help her keep it all safe!

Cat Earrings     Retro Earrings     Minecraft Diamonds

WW Collar Necklace     Mixtape Necklace     HQ Collar Necklace

WW Bracelet          Jewelry Box     f265_hobbit_one_ring_earrings

Accessorize With Flair

These purses and wallets will make your mom smile and help her show the world that moms come in all shapes, sizes, and fandoms, as well as give her plenty of room to store all that stuff you keep asking her to carry.

Star Wars Purse          Star Trek Purse          WW Purse

Zelda Wallet     Deadpool Wallet     WW Wallet

Cooking Can Be Fun

Most moms spend a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen. Here are some great ways to make her imprisonment… I mean, her meal prep seem like fun instead of torture. As a bonus, you might even get a home-cooked meal or cookies out of the deal!

Geeky Cookbook

WW Apron     R2D2 Measuring Cups     Sonic Peeler

DC Shakers

Firefly Cookie Cutters     Star Trek Cookie Cutters

Star Trek Mug     8bit Mug     Stackable Mugs

Sonic Cutlery          Tardis teapot

Toys Even Mom Will Love

After a long day of picking up your dirty socks or rushing home from work to make dinner, here are some pretty cool ideas to help your mom remember that it’s important to take a break now and then. There’s even a baby Groot for the mom with a black thumb.

Car Decals     Zombie Magnets

Flux Capacitor     River Song's Screwdriver     Baby Groot

Everyone knows that moms are special people, so whether or not your mom is a geek make sure to make Mother’s Day special and say thank you for all the things she does! 


Happy Mothers Day!

GUG Treasure Hunters

Lari and Shawn are geeks that love to scour the interwebs for the greatest merchandise for their favorite games, shows, movies, and other fandoms. Now they are collecting these treasures and giving you their treasure maps!

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