GUG Treasure Hunters: Geeky Summer 2015 Shopping Guide

It’s that time of year again: summer. The time when even dedicated geeks must put down the controller, turn off the television, and venture out into the harsh light of day. Lucky for you, the GUG Treasure Hunters braved the outside world a little early to find all the gear you will need to survive the summer months in spectacular geeky fashion!

The Light… It Burns!

The transition from the gentle glow of your computer screen to the harsh glare of sunlight can be shocking if you’re not prepared. Of course, if you equip yourself with the proper eye wear, you can enjoy the experience and let your geekiness shine through at the same time.


Steampunk Sunglasses          Light Saber Sunglasses          Futuristic Sunglasses

8-Bit Sunglasses          Spiderman Sunglasses Kids

Star Wars Shade          Angry Eyes Shade

Swimming With Style

Unlike Altair and Sonic, you probably won’t die instantly upon contact with a body of water. Even if you can’t swim, there are lots of options to keep you looking great while you lounge in the sun soaking up some rays to help that winter pallor fade. Honestly, some of these may keep you by the pool just to show off how fabulous your swimwear is!


Women’s Swimwear

Wonder Woman Adult Swimsuit          Xmen 2 Piece Swimsuit          Harley Quinn Swimsuit

Link 2 Piece Swimsuit          WW 2 Piece Swimsuit

Men’s and Kid’s Swimwear

Deadpool Swimsuit          Captain America Board Shorts

Wonder Woman Kids Swimsuit     Marvel Kids Swimwear     Batgirl Kids Swimsuit

Towels: The Most Important Item You Can Carry

Towels are important in case of unexpected interstellar travel, but they have other uses too. After an energetic swim, what better way to relax than lounging on a beach towel featuring your true love? Fortunately, there is a wide array of towels printed with everything from sci-fi to anime, so you don’t even have to settle for one. Now you can just lie back and concentrate on figuring out how to beat that dungeon you’ve been stuck in!

 Star Wars Towels     Star Trek Towel     Doctor Who Towels

Marvel Towel          Beach Boy Towel          Mario Towel

Hetalia Towel          Fairy Tail Towel          SAO Towel

Ways To Play

Warmer weather means you can venture outside without worrying about things like frostbite and pneumonia so you’re going to need something to do while you are out and about. Of course, you still want to make sure everyone knows that you can explain the inner workings of a dilithium chamber or the political ramifications of time travel, so advertise your unique knowledge with some of these awesome toys. Better yet, you may even discover the true function of a rubber duck!

Water Balloon Filler          Iron Man Water Blaster          Flying Tardis

Enterprise Frisbee          Log Flume Joust Set          Inflatable Wearable Balls

Giant Jenga Game          Rubber Duck Float

Deck Out Your Deck

After all that time in the sun, it’s a good idea to have a place to sit back, get a bite to eat, and recharge both yourself and your gadgets. What better way than with another summer activity: a cookout! With this stuff, you can throw some meat on the grill and have a quick game of giant Jenga in your geeky retreat.

Light Saber Tongs     Death Star Fire Pit     Tactical Chef Apron

Spock Can Cooler          Pint Glasses          Spiderman Can Cooler

image-glswtmntpowwb-primary-shsnowatermarkPlanet Plates

Serenity Ice Cube Tray          Rubik's Fridge    image-hwtmntfcictry-primary-shsnowatermark

R2D2 String Lights          Tardis String Lights

Camping Out: For Fun, Not Tickets

Most of us have some experience with camping, but it’s usually in a ticket line or an abandoned bandit’s camp in the wilds of Tamriel. Here are some things that can help you survive in style should you decide to try camping in the actual outdoors, even if it’s just your backyard.

Trampoline Tent          Hammock Tent          Captain America Sleeping Bag

LuminAID Light          Bug Vacuum Gun

Prometheus' Power Pot          Solar E Panels          USB Can Cooler

However you decide to spend your summer, there are lots of options to help you make the most of it.

Let us know what your plans are and what you think of our list in the comments!

GUG Treasure Hunters

Lari and Shawn are geeks that love to scour the interwebs for the greatest merchandise for their favorite games, shows, movies, and other fandoms. Now they are collecting these treasures and giving you their treasure maps!

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