Hoverboards are Now a Reality

Hendo Hoverboards has developed a real, functioning hoverboard… Well, sorta. It does work, but only on specific types of surfaces compatible with their Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA). The technology is quite impressive, and you can read about it in more detail on their Kickstarter campaign linked below. You can also read more about this hoverboard at GadgetFreaks, an online website where you can read about gadgets and stuffs. They have quite the assortment of rewards for supporting them–from stickers and t-shirts to some hands feet-on time with a hoverboard in Silicon Valley… and even a hoverboard of your own for $10,000. It’s almost 2015 and, as Back To the Future predicted, we nearly have hoverboards (even though they don’t work over all  surfaces just yet). The Hendo team does plan on making that a reality as well, but it will take some time. If you want some more detailed info, or wish to support their already more-than-funded Kickstarter ($381,851 of $250,000 during the writing of this article) you can follow this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/142464853/hendo-hoverboards-worlds-first-real-hoverboard

John A.C. Miller

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