Game of the Year Awards – 2020

Alright, here we go. We’re ready to award our grand prize: Game of the Year! As you’ve seen, we’ve played a ton of great games, but which one will rise to the top?


Final Fantasy VII Remake could have crumbled under the weight of expectations, but Square Enix have masterfully brought back one of the most beloved titles in their extensive catalog. Even only featuring the beginning of the larger story still to be retold, this game expands upon the characters and world that gamers fell in love with decades ago, resulting in an impressive experience that earns our runner-up spot for Game of the Year.


Ghost of Tsushima is our 2020 Game of the Year winner! This Samurai-themed action-adventure title provides the complete package: excellent swordplay, a compelling narrative, stunning visuals, and a great soundtrack. Sucker Punch proves that it can stand alongside the best of the best in the AAA space, and the sky is the limit for this team as they head into the new console generation.

Michael Mendis

Michael Mendis loves to discuss gaming, Christian faith, and how the two interact. In addition to his main hobby of playing video games, he also enjoys watching movies, anime, and baseball.

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