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Content Warning: The footage above may contain language, violence, drug use, and/or sexual content. Please watch at your discretion.
EA (Electronic Arts) kicked off its 2015 Gamescom presentation with CEO Andrew Wilson coming to the stage to give a brief introduction to the show before introducing Ghost Games’ Marcus Nilsson who then began EA’s presentation of Need For Speed.
While no gameplay was shown, Nilsson announced a Twitter contest for fans of the franchise and showed off the new Need For Speed Icons, a group of real-life car enthusiasts and experts who each represent one of the game’s pillars.
The Need For Speed Pillars are Speed, Style, Outlaw, Build, and Crew. Another trailer was shown highlighting the game’s story which was cutscene laden and did not show very much gameplay. In dabbling in each of Need For Speed’s five pillars, players will also be tasked with impressing the icon that represents each pillar.
Following the Need For Speed presentation, EA moved on to the first ever gameplay footage for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. The demo showed off an early mission in the game’s story but did not reveal much about the overall plot. Mirror’s Edge protagonist Faith’s free-flow combat skills were shown and look to combine parkour movement with punches and kicks to create system of momentum-based combat.
Next up for EA’s presentation was Bioware who took to the stage to reveal new content for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Entitled, Knights of the Fallen Order the new expansion will launch this October. The gameplay demo shown introduced a new character known as The Outlander. Bioware then revealed that anyone who joins the game by August 10th will receive the new companion character, Niko Okarr for free.
A new expansion for The Sims 4 was also announced following Bioware’s presentation. Opening with a live-action trailer of what it might feel like to be a god in real-life, EA announced the new Get Together expansion for The Sims 4. The expansion will bring new social activities and hang outs to the game as well as a whole new region called Windenburg. To close the presentation for The Sims 4 several dancers appeared on stage and had a mini-rave to celebrate the new content.
Following The Sims 4 expansion announcement, PopCap games and EA revealed new details about Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The game will have a Mass Effect themed pre-order bonus in the form of a new character call Z7-Mech, a parody of the N7 armor in Mass Effect. A new online hub/lobby was also introduced. Entitled Backyard Battleground, the new online hub will allow players to complete missions, interact with characters, and join up with friends in matchmaking. It looks very similar to the hub world found in Nintendo’s Splatoon. PopCap confirmed that the original game’s single player and co-op modes will return and introduced several new characters.
In a bit of a departure from the confirmed games previously showcased, EA’s Patrick Soderlund came on stage to introduce several titles that are still in development. The names of these titles were not revealed and Soderlund explained that some of the games are still very early in development and may not even turn out to be games. However, the footage of these new, upcoming projects only stands to highlight EA’s commitment to taking risks on new ideas and new IP.
Following Soderlund’s presentation, Martin Sahlin, developer of upcoming yarn-based indie platformer, Unravel, showed off the first gameplay demo of the upcoming title. A new sea level was shown and Sahlin even died once while playing and explained that the level was inspired by his many trips to the coast as a young child.
Perhaps the most anticipated game of EA’s Gamescom briefing was Star Wars: Battlefront. In a new gameplay demo, developer DICE came on stage to show off the game’s newly revealed dogfighting mode entitled, Fighter Squadron. Fighter Squadron features dogfights between 20 human players and 20 AI opponents in one gigantic air battle. For this demo, the fighting took place on Sullust, the new planet featured in the upcoming Star Wars film. While battles never left the planet’s atmosphere it does appear that the power ups and hero characters from the on foot battles will also be prominent in the new mode, as evidenced by the appearance of the Millennium Falcon later on in the fight.
FIFA 16 closed out the show for EA and also offered a glimpse at a new mode entitled, Draft. A new trailer featuring pro players, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher offered more details on how Draft mode will work. The game’s Career Mode will now feature Pre-Season Tournaments and Player Training options.
What did you think of EA’s Gamescom briefing? Was it just more of the same titles shown of at E3 2015 or were you blown away by some of the newly revealed content for EA’s current and upcoming titles? Let us know below.

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