Nintendo Announces Theme Park Attractions and Rides in Partnership with Universal Studios

Universal Studios theme parks house attractions and rides with Spider-Man, The Hulk, The Despicable Me Minions, and even Harry Potter. Well now it looks like they are adding Nintendo’s characters to the mix! We may soon see Mario and Link with the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.
Nintendo hasn’t been shy in its efforts to expand its business into nontraditional avenues for themselves in partnership with other companies. Hyrule Warriors is among the great products that are a testament to that as well as Amiibos. This piece of news is particularly exciting for fans though, as a theme park with the companies wildly popular characters hasn’t been done before. We keep hoping for another movie, but one with a little better final result than the last one we saw.
Nintendo’s hesitancy to bring a new movie to light gives the appearance they are choosing who they partner with more carefully, which will likely lead to a more favorable theme park.
It isn’t known yet which of Universal Studio’s parks will see Nintendo attractions and rides. They have parks in Orlando, Hollywood, Japan, and Singapore. Our fingers are crossed that the American parks will get them! The details of what attractions and rides hasn’t been released yet either.
We’re hoping that we will get to walk through the land of Hyrule someday soon!
Full story with Nintendo’s announcements HERE

What Nintendo attractions or rides do you want to see?

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