Nintendo Unveils The New 3DS

Nintendo has unveiled yet another version of the 3DS called the New Nintendo 3DS with a regular sized version and an LL sized version (see pics below for size details). Coming out of seemingly nowhere is the revision to the much beloved 3DS that includes two new shoulder buttons (ZL and ZR) and also a new thumbstick. The thumbstick has been referred to as a C stick (just like the C stick on the GameCube controller). The new 3DS will also have more computing power, Amiibo integration, and changeable cover plates. I imagine the Amiibo integration will be used on upcoming games (like Super Smash Bros) similar to how the Wii U will utilize it. Along with more computing power comes a wider viewing angle for the 3D on the new 3DS. This will allow more freedom when playing your games with the 3D on. Right now there is not an official release date in the USA but the new 3DS will drop in Japan on October 11, 2014 As more details roll out, we will keep you updated!


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