Overwatch Has a New Hero: Moira

This year at Blizzcon, Jeff Kaplan and the Overwatch development team released information about the new hero for their game Overwatch, a first person hero based shooter that came out in May 2016, and currently has a player base of 30 million, according to Statista.
The game Overwatch has players choose from a growing list of heroes to complete an objective. The heroes are diverse in design and purpose. Tracer, for example, is a pistol wielder who can quickly traverse the maps. Reinhardt is an armored German crusader who uses a shield to protect his team, and Widomaker is an antagonist who favors long range elimination with her sniper rifle.
Currently the game has 26 playable heroes, and they fall into four different categories: attack, defense, tank and support. The newest hero announced at Blizzcon falls into the last category. She is a support hero who uses her powers to heal teammates and damage opponents.
In the lore of Overwatch, Blackwatch was the Overwatch organization’s underground faction that rebranded itself as Talon in the new era. Heroes like Widomaker and Moira herself are members. Moira was a scientist for Blackwatch who became convinced that her colleagues were preventing her from carrying on her experiments. According to the cinematic, Moira believed that humankind was on the brink of a leap of evolution, and through her perverted science, could achieve it.

She’s a support, so don’t expect a lot of players to main her.

After the fall of Overwatch, she joined up with Talon to continue her experiments. Some of the work she has done has affected the other characters. Reaper’s teleportation ability seems to come from Moira’s work. Now in the current age of Overwatch, Moira seeks to continue her work and push the limits of science.
Moira’s powers and abilities are similar to a few other heroes already in the game. Like Reaper, Moira has a teleporting ability, though her’s is a little faster. She uses two orbs, like Zenyatta, to heal friends and damage enemies. Her biotic grasp allows her to heal her team in front of her or sap enemies’ health, giving it to her.
She can release biotic orbs that bounce off surfaces. Like her biotic grasp, she can switch between an orb that heals her allies or an orb that damages the enemy team when touched. Her ultimate ability, Coalescence, has her fire a long range beam that heals allies and damages enemies at the same time, which can go through barriers like Reinhardt’s shield as well.
Fans have been asking for a new support hero for a while, and Moira has the potential to be the type of support Overwatch players have been craving. She’s capable of dealing damage, has a self healing ability and a way to enter or exit combat quickly. That means she can engage and disengage at prime opportunities. Part of her kit gives her the ability to heal her team without being nearby (if set up beforehand). Other support heroes usually need line of sight to heal effectively, so this means Moira can support while attacking or defending against the enemy.


Her ultimate also means that characters like Reinhard or Orisa are less effective. Tanks that don’t use shields will probably see a boost in popularity. Roadhog, a character whose main feat is body fat and a mean left hook, will be particularly effective.
Moira is expected to become part of the game in the next few weeks. She’s currently available to play on the Player’s Test Region.

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