Overwatch Unleases a New Hero: Doomfist

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Doomfist, the 25th hero in the game Overwatch, has finally been added to the roster.
Blizzard’s Overwatch is a first-person shooter that came out in May of 2016. The game is characterized by its fast pace, Pixar-like art style and its cast of characters. Unlike other popular shooters like the Modern Warfare and Battlefront franchises, Overwatch opts for using individual heroes instead of classes or loadouts. In this way, Overwatch shares similarities to games like League of Legends.
The original game launched with 22 different heroes to select from, and since its inception the character count has grown. Doomfist is officially the 25th hero in the roster, but his history goes back much farther. The original trailer for Overwatch, which Blizzard posted on YouTube over a year before the actual game came out, shows for the the game’s original heroes. However, Doomfist is mentioned by name and his weapon of choice (a battle gauntlet) can be seen and is in fact the macguffin of the trailer.
In the world of Overwatch, the hero called Doomfist is a complicated character. “Doomfist” is actually a title which has been held by heroes and villains before. The current Doomfist (i.e. the one you can play as) is Nigerian and the leader of Talon, Overwatch’s terrorist group. His real name is Akande Ogundimu, and he hopes to use Talon to create war, believing that only through war can humanity be made stronger.
As mentioned above, his primary weapon is the Doomfist gauntlet, a powerful weapon he uses to punch his opponents into submission. The gauntlet originally rested in a payload on the Numbani map in the game, but recent game updates revealed that the gauntlet had been stolen.
Doomfist’s abilities, like the other heroes of the game, are unique and bring a new play style to the game. He is classified as an “attack” hero, meaning that he generally excels in a DPS role. Doomfist’s “Rising Uppercut” knocks opponents into the air. His “Seismic Slam” knocks enemies in a small area of effect towards him. His “Rocket Punch” can be charged and allows Doomfist to knock enemies back and stun. His ultimate ability (each hero in the game has an ultimate) has Doomfist leap into the sky and crash down onto enemies dealing damage in a wide AoE.
He is currently available to play on the Public Test Region, where he will be tried out to fix bugs and balance issues. Doomfist has no skins or unlockables at this time, but is expected to when he joins the full game. His tools and abilities that either stun or knock around enemies make him a good crowd controller. They also make him mobile and an ideal fit for the current “dive comp” meta the game is in as of this writing.


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