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GUG Plays: Final Fantasy (Franchise)

By Maurice Pogue | April 9, 2020

Arguably the biggest release in Final Fantasy history, Final Fantasy VII Remake, looms. We take a look back at the entire franchise.

Cults and the Twisting of Scripture

By Cody Massie | March 16, 2020

In Cults and the Twisting of Scripture, Cody takes a look at Far Cry 5 and tackles how scripture could wrongfully be used for personal gain.

Flawed Faith: DOOM and The Doomslayer’s Irreverent Damnation

By Tyler Hummel | March 15, 2020

Like anything else, the sparks of divinity are buried deep in the DOOM franchise. Here’s what Tyler Hummel believes it teaches us.

Art, Artist, and the Knowable God

By Michael Mendis | March 9, 2020

The Beginner’s Guide is a tale that begs to be examined…but challenges your ability to understand it. What can we glean from such an enigmatic experience?

GUG Plays: Undertale

By Maurice Pogue | February 14, 2020

In this series of GUG Plays! staffers reminisce on how Underale taught them to play nice.

Courage of Love and Hope

By Cody Massie | February 5, 2020

We last saw our trio of heroes seeing through and overcoming their fear. How, then, can we see their courage emerge from their love and hope?

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