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My Experience At Video Games Live 2014

By Michael M. | August 9, 2014

If there’s a gaming event here in Miami, FL and I know about it, I will do my best to attend!  Throughout my life, I haven’t been to many because of financial reasons, lack of knowing of the event, or not having transportation to get there.  Either way, now that I’m older and I can…

Mario vs Sonic (1990’s)

By Wesley Wood | August 9, 2014

Many people may remember this classic debate. Mario or Sonic? Which one was better? This also stemmed from the Super Nintendo or Genesis war that began the true fan boy console wars. I gathered up the writers and gave them a simple task. I asked them who had the better games between 1990 and 1999?…

The Top Ten Talking Trees in Video Games

By Steve Schoen | August 3, 2014

While exploring the many fantasy worlds that comprise the gaming universe, you may occasionally stumble across a tree that is unlike other trees. This tree is intelligent, and possesses the power of speech. This tree may even command powerful magic. You are flabbergasted at first, but when it addresses you, or perhaps even bids you come forward, your confusion…

The Best Video Game System Ever

By Wesley Wood | July 5, 2014

Welcome to another collaboration here on CCG/GUG where us, the writers, get together and tell you our opinions on a certain subject. This week is about the greatest video game system ever. This is based solely off of our opinions and the only rule was we only included consoles, no handhelds allowed. Sorry Game Boy!…

Video Games 101: The Burning Question

By Cooper D Barham | July 4, 2014

Humor me for a second. Subtly nod your head if a video game has ever made you shout or swear at the screen.  Be honest.  How about angrily throw your hands or controller?  Yes?  No?  Has a video game ever made you laugh?  Facepalm, maybe?  Has one ever made you argue with your friends?  What…

What Kind of Gamer are You?

By Drew Koehler | July 3, 2014

I often think about the type of gamer I am.  I feel like I differ at various stages in my life. Sometimes I try to be a different type of gamer than I currently am, but usually just revert back to a previous type.  The following is a list of the types of gamer I…

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