(Part 5) The Majesty of Memory—A Devotional for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

(Major spoilers for all of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to follow!)

Welcome back to our Breath of the Wild devotional series! You can find  the previous parts here. Each devotional is tied to a specific Captured Memory, so you can read each one if you have found the corresponding Captured Memory. But really, this is designed to give you a series of dedicated devotionals after you finish the game and Breath of the Wild makes it fairly easy to go back and watch each Captured Memory (or you can use YouTube).

To prevent “self-spoiling,” each devotional will appear weekly in its own post, in a six-week series. This also gives you time to engage with the questions raised and we look forward to some discussion either here on the site or on our Facebook page. We hope these devotionals help your faith journey, and allow you to continue to see God in all of Creation.

Memory #13, Slumbering Power

Here, Zelda begins by praying, but by the end, she is crying and shouting in anger at her frustration at, essentially, God. (The gods in Breath of the Wild are not our God, but metaphor is there.) How often have you felt the same anguish she has felt? You dedicate yourself entirely to something a career path, life as a spouse or parent, a personal fitness goal and despite being told that things will work out, they don’t. People are praying for you, but the prayer goes unanswered. What’s happening?
Jesus rarely answers a yes/no question with a yes or no. Rather, he responds with a story. Why should we expect prayer to be any different? The answer to your prayer is rarely, if ever, a yes or no, but rather, the story God has laid out for you. Try to see the bigger story God is telling through you. That is almost always where the answer lies.

It’s also why so much of the Bible itself consists of (true) stories. Corinthians 10:13 (“God will not give you more than can handle”) refers to temptation, not what God asks of us. Instead, God asks us much more than what we think we can handle. Abraham is asked to sacrifice his only son. Jesus asks his disciples to give up everything and follow him. Even Jesus himself is given a cup that he asks to be taken away (Luke 22:42). Obedience to God is sacrificial. But that obedience also leads to a greater ending than we could have imagined.


  • Have you ever worked hard towards a goal, showering it with prayer, only to have those prayers unanswered? Looking back, was there truly no answer? Can you see God’s hand in the bigger picture? 
  • What are you in the middle of right now that requires your patience, and your viewpoint to “zoom out” on God’s greater story for your life? 
  • Who around you is suffering through “unanswered prayers”? How can you change your attitude about your prayer life away from “whether or not God grants my requests”? What should it be instead?


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