(Part 6) The Majesty of Memory—A Devotional for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

(Major spoilers for all of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to follow!)

Welcome to the final installment in our Breath of the Wild devotional series! You can find  the previous parts here. Each devotional is tied to a specific Captured Memory, so you can read each one if you have found the corresponding Captured Memory. But really, this is designed to give you a series of dedicated devotionals after you finish the game and Breath of the Wild makes it fairly easy to go back and watch each Captured Memory (or you can use YouTube).

To prevent “self-spoiling,” each devotional will appear weekly in its own post, in a six-week series. This also gives you time to engage with the questions raised and we look forward to some discussion either here on the site or on our Facebook page. We hope these devotionals help your faith journey, and allow you to continue to see God in all of Creation.

Memory #16, Despair
Memory #17, Zelda’s Awakening

Link and Zelda are at their absolute lowest point. Everything they worked for has been used against them, and Ganon has seemingly won. Their friends are gone. Zelda blames herself for everything, and considers herself a failure. Likewise, we’ve all had a lowest point in our lives. Perhaps it was failing out of school. Losing a job. Losing a loved one, or being left by one.

But just at the right time, even if Zelda didn’t think it was in God’s timing, her power awakens, and we know how the story ends. Don’t forget that one of our many names for God is “Deliverer”, just as he delivered the Israelites from Egypt. (Exodus 6). Those dark moments are not forever.


  • What was your lowest point? Looking back, can you see how you came out of the other side of it? In what way did God deliver you? 
  • What low points are you still in the middle of? What Scripture stories, and personal stories of your own faith journey, can give you hope that you’ll come out the other side? 
  • How can you be honest in your prayer life about your struggles and depression? Remember, God already knows your heart, so you might as well tell Him everything.

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