PAX 2015: Day 1

Day one was technically yesterday, however I was playing the role of “Awesome Dad of the Year”, so I was unable to do anything other than take photos. Today, I ran solo and the day was full of interviews and game previews, hence, day one.
My first hands on experience was with a game called Armello. What makes this game unique is not only the stylized world in which it’s played, but the fact that it plays as would many a popular board game. You take on the roll of one of four characters, each with unique abilities within their class. You have limited moves per player, various objectives and a deck of random cards that can be used to bolster your abilities as you play.
Another fantastic game that I was able to try out was called Mekazoo. Calling on the nostalgia of early platformers, Mekazoo let’s you take the roll of various animals as you race through the levels at high speed. Using your animals various characteristics to progress, you have to make split second decisions to help you along the way.
MekaScreen_3 (2)
The biggest game I had the chance to play and chat with developers was Dreadnought. Last year we brought you the inside info on this game and this year they raised the bar of expectations. A tactical space craft shooter, every bit it’s own genre of game. You play 5 v 5 as you command your very own space ship inspired by various sci-fi crafts throughout the years. Each ship has it’s own abilities which are unique from one another. Players take to the skies to battle it out in some intense fights. This year, the team released information on the ability to customize you ships to a level I had never seen in a game. Each customization is not just for looks, but each ability not only makes the ship look different but has it’s own animation an effect on the ship. If you like MOBAs and shooters, Dreadnought is right up your alley.
We will be posting an interview with two of the developers as things calm down here at PAX.

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