Review: Guild Wars 2—Path of Fire

The Best Affordable MMORPG Yet

PC, Mac

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Developer: ArenaNet

Publisher: NCSOFT

Genre: AdventureMMORPG

Platforms: PC (reviewed), Mac

RatingTeen, 16+

Price: $29.99


Guild Wars is a familiar name in the world of MMOs, besides World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online. Its colorful art style, affordable economic system, and welcoming friendly community make it stand out among its market competition. As an MMORPG veteran player myself, Guild Wars 2 is definitely considered as the easiest and most convenient one to pick up with friends. 

Content Guide

Spiritual Themes

Within the fight against evil, light is something that every hero seeks. The light will eventually beat the darkness, and the good will defeat evil. 

Positive Themes

Cooperation is encouraged and emphasized by different activities, such as dungeons, random world events, and world vs world invasion. Teaming up with your friends can really help you survive from overwhelming enemies in both expansions. 


You will fight against players or enemies from the game environment in various situations. There is no blood or gore, but fantasy fighting.  


Guild Wars 2 has survived in the competition of online MMO, and they have gained a solid community of fans all around the world. We will look into what makes it unique than the others, like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online

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The base game of Guild Wars 2 is free, compared to all the other primary MMO competitors. You can even play through level 1 to max level 80 without paying a single cent. Even despite various limitations for free account players, you still will not encounter major difficulties to play with friends online any time. How nice it is! No need to pay upfront, and no need to subscribe monthly.  

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There are two expansions, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, which require players’ one-time purchase to play. Because there is no monthly subscription, buying the expansions for many hours of high-level gameplay content sounds very attractive. Both expansions can be played with level 80 characters, opening up additional traits, abilities, and professions to unlock with mastery points. Purchasing the expansions will provide players an immediate level 80 boosters so that players can jump into high-level content without waiting. 

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Heart of Thorns introduced the gliding and mushroom jumping abilities which open up new dimensions and ways to explore the world. It may take some grinding to unlock all the abilities, but it will be all worthy and irreplaceable as the essential part of fully exploring the world at ease.  On the other hand, Path of Fire further pushed the creativity on player mounts, which actually have practical and functional values by allowing players to reach the areas exclusively through a certain unique mount. Unlike World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2 mounts are more than cosmetic transportation, but are truly capable of helping players jump through gaps, fly above water, roll around like a speed ball, or soar up to the air within the 3D dimensions.

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The plot in Path of Fire is unique based on your character race creation, while story quests remain the same on expansions regardless of what character you have.  It is highly recommended that gamers play through the base games plots in order to not get lost among characters and digamous of the expansions. Besides, the Living World also provide story quests, but you have to pay to play, which may not be your type if you don’t want to spend extra money. 

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Dungeons and raids are similar with its current online MMO competitors, which are very helpful for playing with friends and getting loots. What makes Guild Wars 2 unique is the random world events, allowing players to join in random escort, collects, protects, and world boss events. World vs World feels like a lot similar to the Elder Scrolls Online, allowing players to group up with others taking over a camp, a keep, or even a bigger territory. By the way, with the new recent update, players can unlock the one and only World vs World mount through completing specific mount quest. The mount will forever change the speed and styles of how to play World vs World, and we definitely recommend players to get it. Super Adventure box is an annual event for players to play around a Minecraft-like wonderland. Holiday events provide special gifts and activities to do too, if you could catch those days like Lunar New Year, Halloween, and Christmas. 

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Guild Wars 2 has many other unique features distinguishing from others, like beautiful art styles, wonderful voice actings, player-choice-oriented paths for missions,  and amazing music. But there are some limitations to consider, that is, the game gives very limited slots for bank, bag, and character, so that people need to use real-world money to purchase an extension. I much prefer in-game currency for expanding slots, but Guild Wars 2 chose to turn to players’ pockets. Therefore, if you need to spend money to expanding various slots, just be careful which one is character bond and which is account shared. 

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Combat nowadays is quite different than the base game first launched years ago. Now you need to collect hero points from leveling up, exploring the world, and completing story quests. Using the hero points, you can unlock unique skills, abilities, and specialties to put into your skill bar. Expansions also added elite skills and specialties that you can unlock after maxing out your perks at level 80. It is a fun way to keep on playing and leveling. 

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Overall, Guild Wars 2 is a great way to group up with friends with no cost. If you want to go hardcore, expansions are definitely needed and extra real money may be spent according to your needs and desires. The story is not necessarily the selling point, compared to World of Warcraft or The Elder Scrolls Online, but its mount and random event mechanic are very unique for player experience. Player vs player and World vs World could be a great attraction for people who are kin to competitive play. Teamwork is encouraged throughout the game. It is better to play with friends on expansion content too, otherwise, you may have a lot of dying experience caused by overwhelming enemies. Every time you respawn to the waypoint, you would lose a certain amount of money. If you don’t want to lose a whole bunch money unnecessarily, then stay alive. 




The Bottom Line


If you are looking for a free or affordable option to play with friends online, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire =is your best bet on the market so far.



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