Playstation Experience (PSX) 2016 Recap

Sony kicked off the Playstation Experience this year with a glimpse at the upcoming stand-alone DLC for Uncharted 4. Entitled, The Lost Legacy, this new content will have players assuming the role of Chloe Frazier, Nate’s on again-off again romantic partner from Uncharted 2, who also appeared in Uncharted 3, and Nadine Ross, one of the villain’s in Uncharted 4. Starting in the streets of a village in India and culminating in a roof top brawl, the demo showed gameplay which seems to focus more on stealth in this add-on.
From there, the show launched into a sizzle reel of upcoming new titles and remasters of Playstation classics. Fans literally jumped out of their seats in excitement when the Crash Bandicoot trilogy remaster was announced alongside WipeOut, and Parappa The Rapper. Also, Sony offered the first glimpse of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite and announced that Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was available to download on the Playstation 4 store.
Playstation fans also got a look at the newest trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn, which gave more information on the wildlife that heroine Aloy will face when the game launches in February. Perhaps the biggest reveal of the show was The Last Of Us Part 2. Here we see Ellie playing the guitar and singing as the camera pans through a seemingly deserted Fireflies compound before we are shown dead, decomposing bodies of the Fireflies she has apparently just killed. Joel calls to her in a calm voice as if he just arrived to the aftermath. The trailer then closed with a reveal of the title confirming that it is not a prequel but a follow up to the first game.
What did you think of this year’s Playstation Experience? Let us know in the comments.

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