Playstation Plus Freebies For July 2019

Update: Shortly before the games went live yesterday, Sony announced via a blog post, that they were replacing PES 2019 with the Deluxe Edition of Detroit: Become Human. While no reason was given for this swap (as unprecedented as it is) it would seem that the rampant complaints about this month’s selection from many online communities may have led to the last minute change. With the Deluxe Edition of Detroit, players will actually get a third free game in the form of the excellent Heavy Rain which comes bundled with this edition of Detroit.
Sports fans will be pleased with Sony’s offerings for Playstation Plus Subscribers but others hoping for titles to match the calibur of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection or Sonic Mania, should look elsewhere.
This months’s free Playstation Plus titles include Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2019 and indie racer Horizon Chase Turbo. Both games will be available on the first Tuesday of the month.
While neither game is inherently bad, its usually a good idea to try to offer a little something for everyone with these releases. Compared to Xbox One’s free games this month (just with Symphony of the Night alone) Sony is losing this month with the games on offer here. While I can’t complain too much as the games are free, as of March of this year Sony stopped offering PS3 and VITA games as part of the service, drastically decreasing the value of Playstation Plus for some subscribers.
What do you think of this month’s free PS Plus games? Are you thrilled with the selection or do you feel like Sony is just coasting along until the launch of the PS5 at this point? Let us know in the comments.

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