Pokemon GO Is Now Live In The US On Both iOS And Android

Pokemon GO, the new location based Pokemon game for mobile devices is now available on iOS and Android in the United States. Developed in tandem by Nintendo of America, The Pokemon Company and Niantic, of Ingress fame, the game features an augmented reality overlay that simulates Pokemon and Pokemon battles in the real world.
Budding trainers are encouraged to get out and walk around to see what Pokemon appear nearby. Different Pokemon will be available to capture based on the player’s location. For example, in grassy areas, grass and bug Pokemon will be more traditionally available while water Pokemon will be more prevalent around lakes, streams, and swimming pools.
The game is Free To Play (F2P) but does feature micro-transactions for Pokecoins which can be used to purchase Pokeballs and other items. However, players can also obtain these items at Pokestops, which are popular landmarks or art installations near a player’s location. Items can be obtained in these locations from simply clicking on that area on the Google Maps like hub.
What do you think of this newest release? Do you like Nintendo’s approach to their existing franchises in the mobile gaming realm or do you want more mainstream Nintendo experiences on your phone? Let us know in the comments.

Damien Chambers

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