Pokemon GO Is Set To Launch In July 2016

You’ll be able to load Pokemon GO sometime in July, Nintendo revealed during day two of their Treehouse Live Event at E3 2016
Shigeru Miyamoto was there showing off the Pokemon GO Plus device, a wearable accessory with Bluetooth link that allows players to discover Pokemon without needing to constantly monitor their phones. The device will cost $35. Miyamoto revealed that Nintendo hopes to have the device ready to launch alongside the app in July.


Later in the stream, it was confirmed that the app would need to be ready before the device, meaning that both the app and the wearable device should both launch by the end of July.
The Pokemon GO Plus flashes green and vibrates to alert you when Pokemon are nearby, allowing players to focus on walking to their destination instead of having their nose stuck in their phones the entire way.
You can also throw a Pokeball just using the Pokemon GO Plus device. The flashing light changes to a rainbow pattern if a Pokemon is successfully caught, and will flash red when players fail to catch a Pokemon.
Nintendo showed off some gameplay during the announcement, as well as gave some details on the types of Pokemon that can be caught. Currently, Pokemon GO will only include the original 150 Pokemon from the series’ inception with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, which are both currently available on the 3DS eShop. Eventually,  Nintendo and Pokemon GO developer, Niantic, hope to get the app to the point where a player can catch all the Pokemon in existence.
The focus on Red and Blue is part of a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, and the original 150 Pocket Monsters will be available to catch when the game launches next month.
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