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Image result for overcooked 2 ps4Developer: Ghost Town Games
Publisher: Team17
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: PS4Xbox OnePCSwitch
Rating: PEGI 3
Price: $24.99 

If you ever heard of or played Overcooked!, you would understand how much fun people have had with this simple couch co-op cooking game. All in one package, it is insanely competitive, absolutely family-friendly, and delightfully fun in every little way. Overcooked! 2 is hitting the market now, and I wonder how it could be even better than its predecessor. Let’s find out!


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Positive Themes

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You will encounter frustration throughout your co-op gameplay due to playing with others, but Overcooked! 2 does value the spirit of good team work, and encourages effective communication with a pleasant presentation. You can use positive emojis to encourage others too. No matter win or lose, be prepared to be challenged, and stay positive.


With an excited heart, I started to play Overcooked! 2, and found myself happy to see a fitting food truck menu interface in the game. You also have different options to chose from in terms of your starting chef. Surprisingly, the game adds a story mode, arcade mode, and online multiplayer for your fun gameplay experience. If you want to play as a single player, yes, you can manage to pass and even do well in the first level; but you will want to have others to play with in order to progress further.

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The graphics of Overcooked! 2 is as attractively beautiful as always, with a nice touch of 3D enhancement on the map and hidden levels to tackle. You are the chosen chef to save the Onion Kingdom from danger. The Unbread, you know, the cute way of saying “undead,” always put a happy smile on my face whenever they got mentioned in the game. Creative work, isn’t it?

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The story mode introduces many various levels of challenges, with new kitchens, new recipes, and new mechanics. You may fall from the sky, your kitchen may catch on fire, your food could be thrown everywhere, you may get stuck with moving furniture, you may lose your balance of cooking everything in timethings can go totally out of control with the chaos. No matter what situation you are in, fun is guaranteed.

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Within s match, you can use expressive shortcuts to communicate with your teammate about what you need. That is very helpful when you don’t have voice chat communication available for whatever reason. Ghost Town Games added emojis for you to express your emotions too, if you desire to do so after a match. It is your choice to be encouraging, positive, cheerful, friendly, or grumpy by choosing the related emoji expressions. It is a small, but great way to communicate with your local or online players.

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Arcade mode is basically co-op with local or online multiplayer with all the selected maps or levels. Versus mode allows you to play against people locally and online as well. The online multiplayer option has both public and private mode, and it will be great to play with family and friends. Up to 4 players can play together and 2 players can share one controller if you want to increase the challenges. You can unlock more chef characters as you progress the game and achieve high scores. Sometimes it may take a couple times trying out before even get the first star on a level. Enjoy the fun, and laugh along the way!

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Overcooked! 2 is a small game, but achieves big success. It can capture both little kids and adults with its charming cooking fun. If you are co-op game fan, this is something you will surely enjoy—a must have for people who want to enjoy some family-friendly game time. You can jump right into the game without a background story or detailed controls explanations, for discovery is a part of the fun in Overcooked!2. It is easy to play, but difficult to master. It challenges players to have effective communication and smooth teamwork from the beginning to end. After playing, you will be satisfied after working with each other and accomplishing something challenging together.

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My only complaint is that, being able to accurately pick up items when everything is turning into chaos becomes very difficult to manage. I guess it could be considered a part of the frustrating fun? Other than that, I could not think of other flaws in this awesomely fun series, thank you, Ghost Town Games for delivering such a fantastic masterpiece to your beloved audience!

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The Bottom Line


If you want to have great fun with family and friends, you will not be disappointed by Overcooked! 2, a charmingly fun game.



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