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Originally, Proun was released on mobile devices a few years ago. I am curious how I’ve never heard of it before now, especially since it was popular enough to warrant a port to the 3DS. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this game turned out to be.

Content Warning

There is nothing to worry about at all. You are controlling a ball that avoids obstacles. Any age can play this game without worry.


What the heck is Proun+? Well, you control a white ball that travels on a cable with the circle pad alone. The circle pad itself is very responsive and feels very natural for the gameplay. If you don’t think the circle pad is responsive enough, you can adjust the sensitivity in the pause menu. This may sound simple, but the game throws a whole lot of obstacles at you.
At first the game seemed quite easy. Then I realized I was playing it in Relaxed mode. As it turned out, there are five different levels of difficulty, ranging from Relaxed all the way up to Speed of Light. If you are someone who obsessively plays games until you are a master then this is the game for you.
Besides the five difficulties, there are also a few gameplay modes too. Some of them are the basic racing mode, time trial, endless mode (where you play until you hit an obstacle), and my personal favorite is points mode. In points mode the longer you do not hit an obstacle, the higher your points multiplier goes. Along the way you have to hit certain spots on the cable to get points. This mode was challenging and had me replaying it until I acquired that satisfying three stars.
Oh yeah, on every track and game mode you can get one to three stars, depending on how well you did. This gives many opportunities to replay and will have completionists pulling out their hair. Though Proun+ may be challenging, it is not in an unfair way.
I must add that there are only eleven “race” tracks in the game which was a bit disappointing as you replay the same eleven a lot while your progress. It reminded me of how Rock Band would have you replay the same songs over and over throughout the “campaign” mode.
Also, there are online leaderboards if you are someone who needs to show the world that you are the boss at this game.



Proun+ looks about average on the 3DS. It is clean with not much else going on graphically. That is until you turn on the 3D. Wow! This game was clearly made for it. Once I turned on the 3D it would feel weird to turn it off, because the game was so much better with it.
The game also boasts “fantastic jazz-rock music.” I ended up turning off the sound as I played. Not that it was bad, not at all. More like dull. It gets in the way of concentrating on your objectives when playing the title on higher difficulties.
Another minor gripe I had was with the main menu. The difficulties are all laid out in a circle, but they are out of order. Why?



Is Proun+ worth the six dollars it is asking on the Nintendo eShop? For me, I would not pay more than three bucks for it. While it is solid and fun, it is still a shallow title that does give a lot of replayability. In a sense it is for Sonic The Hedgehog fans. The strive for better scores and times while mastering tracks by avoiding obstacles is a Sonic fan’s dream. At six dollars I have to knock it down a peg, but if it ever goes on sale then pick it up as Proun+ is a game worth playing. Well, at least to see how the 3D can suck you in.


Played on 3DS. Review copy provided by Engine Software.

The Bottom Line


Proun+ is a solid game on the Nintendo eShop for those who love replayability in their games.



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