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Space combat. You fight and destroy enemy ships.


Reassembly is about space exploration, combat and growing your territory. You start out with a basic ship and tasked with exploring the universe. In order to do so, you must make your ship better. If you don’t, you will not last long in space, because there are many enemies that will attack you when you enter their area. You improve your ship by mining resources and selling them. Asteroids will give off a blue mineral that your ship will automatically collect when close enough to it. You can sell the resources by getting near one of the stations you have acquired.


With the money you get, you can upgrade your ship. Since your ship is modular, it is made up of many different blocks and pieces. The basic building blocks and armor cost you nothing to add. You can add as much of these as you want. This makes your ship stronger, but the more you use, the slower the ship becomes. Some blocks cost you P (points) to add to your ship. These are your thrusters, weapons, generators, and collection bins.

Thrusters help your ship move through space; weapons help you protect your ship and destroy enemy ships; generators allow you to use your weapons more; and collection bins allow you to increase the amount of resources you can carry. All of these things are essential to your space exploration. The problem is your ship has a limited amount of P. Fortunately, you can buy more P so that you can add more things to your ship.



There is not much else to say about the presentation just that it looks fantastic. Reassembly has a very simple aesthetic, but it is beautiful in its simplicity. The space is black and the colors of the ships are vibrant. In combat, the ships break apart and their regeneration looks amazing.


Reassembly is a simple but gorgeous game based around space exploration. I have had a lot of fun with it. Messing with my ships configuration is by far my favorite part. I have loved playing it and can see myself spending a large amount of time designing my ship and growing my faction.

The Bottom Line


Reassembly is a beautiful game. Everything about it is addictive, especially the ship creation.



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