Review: The Silver Lining Episode 2—Two Households (PC)


King'sQuestDeveloper: Phoenix Online Studios
Publisher: Phoenix Online Studios
Genre: Fantasy, Role Play, Adventure
Rating: E 10+ for Everyone 10 and Up
Price: Free



After enjoying the first game so much, thought it was brief, I had to get the next game in this epic series.  I was delighted to discover this game was just as enchanting and true to the original series as the first one, but even longer to my great delight. The King’s Quest  fan in me was squealing.  Don’t forget to check out my review for the first game!


King Graham has discovered that his children, Rosella and Alexander, are trapped in the Realm of Dreams. To save them, Graham must enter their dreams himself by a spell. He seeks out the spell ingredients dubbed in cryptic druid names, all the while mysterious things are happening in the Green Isles. Destroyed objects are becoming mended. New maps are being unwritten. What could be going on?

Content Guide

Violence/Scary Imagery: There is some magical violence and peril. You can die in several different ways (as characteristic with King’s Quest games), such as death by starvation if you get caught in a trap. Magic is used to torture someone off-screen.
Language/Crude Humor: No language, but Hassan makes jokes by innuendo about mermaids, but it’s very light.
Sexual Content: Graham kisses his wife and Black Widow tempts him with a potential fling, but he refuses. The mermaids are dressed in swim suits that show their bellies (see picture below), but that’s the only cautionary thing close to nudity.
Drug/Alcohol Use: None.
Spiritual Content:  As I mentioned in the previous game’s review, there’s a lot of magic in these games since it’s high fantasy. Magic is particularly used in this game as a weapon, and astrology symbols are used at one point to empower some objects. The Fates and Mother Nature are also mentioned.
Other Negative Themes: Some trickery is used to get items.
Positive Content: This game further proves how much I love Graham. Because of the tragedy that has befallen Rosella and Alexander, many of their friends and family members are distraught. Graham is there as someone to encourage and one to seek council from. He says many wise things such as vanquishing evil can make you stronger for what you have to face in the future, that there are forces large than us, that there is a reason for everything that happens, and that struggle can make the happiness in our lives more valuable. King Graham is someone to look up to.



The Silver Lining is a point and click game. By right clicking, you can select whether to walk, touch, look at something, or speak, indicated by feet, a hand, an eye, or a speech bubble. When you walk, you click on where you want to move and double click to run. By touching things you are told whether or not you can pick them up, open them up, or interact with them in any way. By looking at things, you see what they are and often get clues and backstory about the objects and the characters. You can speak to the many characters in the game, and have the option of what you can say to the characters. You have to do a lot of talking to progress in the game.
You also pick up many objects which are stored in your inventory. You can look at the objects within your inventory, use them on each other, and use them on people and objects. This is the exact way the original games were played which, as a big fan, I was grateful for.


The plot thickens even more in episode two of the Silver Lining. Graham has his heading and he is determined to accomplish his task. With him you search high and low for the magical items required for the spell to save his son and daughter. You encounter mermaids, talking chess pieces, and meet many old friends along the way. There’s even a Samson and Delilah reference during your quest. Players of the original games will be elated with this installment.
The characters have shining roles. I love the background the game goes into with each character and further explores them even more than the previous games. You really feel the grief they’re suffering at the ruining of the wedding. Old friends such as Shamir, Jollo, Captain Saladin, the Queens of Chessboard Land, and even Hole-in-the-Wall play rolls. I was so happy to see Hole-In-The-Wall and the continuation of his story since he helped Alexander defeat the Minotaur for the Winged Ones in King’s Quest VI.
You explore many new areas that you didn’t in King’s Quest VI such as the market place and more of the Castle of the Crown and even what exactly is in Chessboard Land. It’s very zany. I’ll tell you that much. The score is even better than the previous game and perfectly suits the fantasy tone.
The only problems I can see with the game include travelling around that can be a bit of a drag if you don’t know what to do, and some glitches. The voice dubs are off in some sequences and the music stops entirely in the big talk with Shamir. The most troublesome error I encountered was the inability to save my progress. I researched this glitch and discovered it can be an administrator account error. So if you play this game and have the problem, try running the game in admin.



The Silver Lining Episode 2 Two Households is engaging, pretty clean, and will excite old fans of the games. If you love the original series you are going to love this part of the fan-made, creator-approved conclusion of the series. Because, hey, if the author of the games thinks it’s good, then there’s something to look at here.

The Bottom Line


The Silver Lining Episode 2—Two Households is engaging, pretty clean, and will excite old fans of the games. If you love the original series you are going to love this part of the fan-made, creator-approved conclusion of the series. Because, hey, if the author of the games thinks it's good, then there's something to look at here.



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