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In this game, different shaped blocks fall from the top of the screen and it is your job to fit them together. You clear lines by filling them in horizontally so there are no holes. The key to the game is not to allow the placed blocks to touch the top of the screen. Once this happens the game is over.

Now there are a few tricks to help you in placing the blocks. You can turn the blocks 90 degrees at a time, put a block in the “hold” to save it for later, and get the block out of the “hold” by placing another block in it instead. It is a very basic game in the way of rules and actions.

You can clear up to four rows at a time. Clearing four rows at once is called Tetris. The more rows you clear at once, the more points you get, and the more points you get, the higher your level is. The higher your level, the faster the blocks fall. This is where the challenge comes in. As the blocks fall faster, you have less time to think about where to place them.

There are a few modes, but the ones you will play the most are Solo, Battle, and Battle Royal. In Battle and Battle Royal you can play against four other players. With Battle mode you play as normal except when you clear more than one line at once, you will send the amount of lines (minus one) over to another player. These lines will be added to the bottom of their board. A Tetris will send all four lines to another player. Battle Royal is the same as Battle with one major difference: you now have weapons. These weapons can either aid you or hinder others. Both Battle and Battle Royal are fun and frenzied.




The aesthetic of Tetris Ultimate is great. Blocks are brightly colored and easy to distinguish from each other. Getting a Tetris or leveling up have a pleasing sound. Not much to go wrong here, because it is just a bunch of blocks.

One gripe is that the menus are confusing. I have trouble figuring out how to add people to a multi-player game. You can do it, but it is not that easy to figure out how.

All in all this is a fun, new spin on a classic game.


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The Bottom Line

After all these years, Tetris is still a challenging but fun game.


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