The Catchiest Video Game Song

This week’s community piece is fairly simple. What video game song is the catchiest? What song just is always sitting in the back of our brain lurking, waiting for you to randomly sing it and you don’t even know why?

Michael Pyatt Jr.

When this topic was first proposed to us, one song popped into my mind… Hill Top Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog 2.
Why is this song so catchy? It’s catchy because my cousin decided to add words to the song. Over the years, we’ve added a lot of words to a lot of songs but my cousin tends to add the most ridiculous lyrics. His lyrics to Hill Top Zone were, “Don’t let that chicken, chicken burn.” I have no idea where and why he decided to use those lyrics. Nevertheless, those were the lyrics that he wanted to use. I also loved during the bridge of the song, his lyrics went, “Don’t let that, don’t let that, don’t let that chicken burn!” Again, I have no idea why those words were used, but they have been stuck in my head for over 20 years.

Bryan Conard

When I was a kid (and even now as an adult) Pokémon yellow was my favorite video game. I played all the original Pokémon games for Gameboy, but I owned the yellow version with Pikachu for the longest time. I probably played the game 100 times or more as a kid and several years later I used emulators to play the green version that wasn’t released here in the U.S.A. In junior high I’d bring my Gameboy to school and keep it in my pocket in class because I couldn’t handle leaving it in my locker. I had played the Pokémon games so much that I had started to hear the music playing even when the system wasn’t on. It would happen most often when it was really quiet in class, and I would think that I had forgotten to turn the game off or the Gameboy got switched on in my pocket. It got so bad that I’d have to take the batteries out of the system and keep them in my other pocket so I’d know that the music was just in my head. … After realizing that was the kind of stuff mental breakdowns were made of I stopped playing Pokémon with the volume on. I don’t hear phantom game music anymore, but I do get that type of “chip music” (music that can be produced by a Gameboy) stuck in my head if I see a kid playing a similar game or if I feel nostalgic and want to play Pokémon on my phone. That kind of video game music is the catchiest to me … but not necessarily in a good way.

Cooper Daniel Barham

The “catchiest” videogame song, hm? As if just choosing my favorite wasn’t hard enough. Being that videogame music is something I actively listen to even outside of the game, there are many answers I could throw out. Dozens. Some are more commonly accepted to be catchy though, so I’m going to try and avoid those. Some such as Guile’s Theme, and pretty much anything that goes with classic Nintendo flagships like Mario and Legend of Zelda.
At least, that’s what I was trying to do. Navigating through all of my games though, I always came back to a particular franchise for the answer, a Nintendo franchise. Sure, I tried to work my way through a bunch of other soundtracks, but ultimately to no avail. After about four hours of searching (I was on a long car trip), I’d unearthed my answer.
What I believe is the catchiest videogame song, at least to my own ears, is something with both quality, frequency, and nostalgia. And while the game it comes from has several viable candidates, my choice is the “Cycling Theme” from the original Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. To all of my Pokemon brethren, you know as soon as you got that bike, you pretty much never walked again. As such, the infectious song that goes along with riding it is something you both love and remember. With its upbeat tempo and rhythm, it’s more than easy enough to hum it long after you’ve turned the game off.

Steve Schoen

For me, the catchiest song ever in a video game has to be The Decisive Battle, the boss theme from Final Fantasy VI. Its tones make both your heart race and your emotions run high as you attempt to fight some fearsome creature or automaton. When you hear it, you are truly able to tap into the sense of struggle that your party is facing in fighting a desperate battle to save both their own lives and stem the tide of evil overtaking the world. I find it to be so memorable and relatable, that I’ve found myself muting my television while playing other games just to hum this song while I’m fighting. [We need 50 CCs of Nerd-X, stat!] But in all seriousness, it is certainly the catchiest song I’ve ever heard in the thousands of tracks I’ve experienced in the hundreds of games I’ve played. Feel free to disagree, but for the sake of “know thy enemy,” here’s a link to the original, un-remixed classic: 

Jeremiah Jackson

Catchiest Video Game Song? Well , I’ve been a Sonic fan for most of my life. I’ve listened to tons of in-Game Music , and when I was a kid me and my friend were obsessed with Sonic Undergroud , in which Sonic and his brother and sister were in an illegal band. Their music was amazing to us. But that’s not a Video Game.
Now , catchy could mean just an annoying song that gets stuck in your head , or the best Song. Why not tell both?
My opinion of best Song is probably one very few have ever heard. SEGA’s Saturn Console had a Port of Sonic 3D Blast that had new Music and more , but the Music was a huge difference . The Final Boss (the one you have to have all the Chaos Emeralds to get) is probably the best Music I’ve over heard on a Game. It’s almost like a symphony of Evil! Plus Robotnik’s demented laugh in the track adds to it.
Catchiest is gunna be really hard. Sonic Songs are stuck in my head all the time! When you’ve played so much , so many play on Brain FM Radio. One Zone does have Music that will stick in your head more than most though.
Labyrinth Zone. The one that probably prevented tons of people from reaching the Final Boss. But the great Music is there to entertain you while you lose!! Though I can beat the Zone now , memories of its music may bring you back to that level.
But you know what else is catchy ? Army Men II on the Game Boy Color. If you’ve ever played the Game the simple tone probably stuck in your mind for days. While the PC Port had classical Music , this handheld had catchy Music throughout , from the Menu to the Levels (though each level had the same tone) .

Francis King Jr.

It’s the catchiest song because it always invokes the feelings that you had when you first played the first Sonic level of the game. It conjures the memeory of sliding through
the city at high speeds, crushing Eggman’s robots, and never slowing down. Even the mention of the song still brings a smile to my face and makes me want to dust off the old Gamecube and give the game another spin.
After a few listens you’ll know all the words and it’ll probably never leave your head.

Wesley Wood

Megaman 3’s title theme is pretty catchy. I may be cheating a bit here but, for me it is Megaman 3 because of Brentalfloss’ rendition of it. Somehow his Megaman 3 with lyrics randomly pops into my head despite not having listened to the song in many months.

What is the catchiest video game song for you? Tell us below.

Wesley Wood

Wesley Wood is an aspiring film director. He would love to make GOOD films to help spread God's word and help Christians grow.


  1. Kevin on January 29, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    Gang-Plank Galleon from Donkey-Kong Country takes the cake for me.

  2. Jon Hill on January 1, 2015 at 1:20 am

    bruuuuuuh No Dr Wily Stage from Mega Man 2? No Moon theme from Duck Tales? y’all slippin…

  3. Joe Wiley on August 5, 2014 at 11:42 am

    Simple, the theme to Katamari Damacy. I find myself humming it at random times.

  4. Jeremy Russell on August 5, 2014 at 4:05 am

    I know this game was not very popular but I like the theme song to Buck Bumble. It’s one of those songs that I don’t know why I like it, but I do.

  5. Dylan Tate on August 4, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    I’m sort of with Francis King Jr. I’m a huge fan of most Crush 40 songs. I’ve never played a Sonic game, but I’ve spent plenty of time just listening to many of its amazing songs!

  6. Reagan Corbin on July 28, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    I gotta say Fossil Fighters has the best music out of the games I’ve played. The game may not look good, but once the story gets going it’s fantastic. Bullwort Battle Theme, Dynal Battle Theme, and BB Bandits Themes are the best 3. Custom Robo also has some amazing music 🙂

  7. Micah Jones on July 27, 2014 at 4:29 am

    Still Alive from Portal. HOW is this not on here? Just….. HOW?!? I can’t even….

    • Wesley Wood on July 27, 2014 at 10:44 am

      I debated between my choice and Still Alive.

  8. Matthew Walters on July 26, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    All your arguments are invalid.

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