Thousand Foot Krutch: Rock Band

After playing an extensive amount of Rock Band lately, which included The Beatles and Green Day: Rock Band, I started imagining something. What would it be like if Thousand Foot Krutch had their own Rock Band game? What would the venues be? What songs would be in the game? After all, they are loved by so many people. Including Christians and non-Christians. Well here is that idea fleshed out (59 songs with the game and 17 downloadable). Get to it Harmonix!
HERE is this same idea with other bands.


Year: 2000
Venue: Underground Cafe (Troy, Michigan)
Track list: (In order of release) (6 total)
Rhyme Animal (1997)
Brother John (1997)
Small Town (1997)
Lift It (1997)
Set It Off (1997)
Sunshyne (1997)


Year: 2006
Venue: Church of the Rock (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Track list: (In order of release) (22 total)
Phenomenon (2003)
Last Words (2003)
This Is a Call (2003)
Rawkfist (2003)
Faith, Love, and Happiness (2003)
Bounce (2003)
Ordinary (2003)
Everyone Like Me (2004)
Puppet (2004)
Supafly (2004)
When In Doubt (2004)
All The Way Live (2004)
Absolute (2005)
The Art of Breaking (2005)
Stranger (2005)
Hurt (2005)
Hand Grenade (2005)
Move (2005)
Hit The Floor (2005)
Go (2005)
Make Me a Believer (2005)
Breathe You In (2005)


Year: 2011
Venue: Rexall Place (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Track list: (In order of release) (16 total)
The Flame in All of Us (2007)
Falls Apart (2007)
What Do We Know (2007)
My Own Enemy (2007)
Learn To Breathe (2007)
Broken Wing (2007)
Wish You Well (2007)
The Invitation/Welcome To The Masquerade (2009)
Fire It Up (2009)
Bring Me to Life (2009)
E for Extinction (2009)
The Part That Hurts the Most (Is Me) (2009)
Look Away (2009)
Forward Motion (2009)
Smack Down (2009)
Already Home (2009)


Year: 2014
Venue: Kosmonavt (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Track list: (In order of release) (15 total)
The Introduction/We Are (2012)
Light Up The Sky (2012)
The End is Where We Begin (2012)
I Get Wicked (2012)
Be Somebody (2012)
This is a Warning (Intro)/Courtesy Call (2012)
War of Change (2012)
Down (2012)
All I Need to Know (2012)
So Far Gone (2012)
Like a Machine (2014)
Untraveled Road (2014)
Born This Way (2014)
Give it to Me (2014)
Oxygen (2014)


Downloadable Content
Step To Me (2003)
I Climb (2003)
New Design (2003)
Break The Silence (2003)
Rhime Animal (2004)
Small Town (2004)
Set It Off (2004)
Lift It (2004)
Slow Breed (2005)
New Drug (2007)
Favorite Disease (2007)
Inhuman (2007)
Scream (2009)
Outta Control (2009)
Set Me on Fire (2014)
I See Red (2014)
Glow (2014)


What band should I do next for a dream Rock Band game? Let me know in the comments!

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