The Ultimate Pokemon Game

Nintendo has made many Pokemon games, and they are all quite enjoyable. The question I asked the staff is, what would be the ultimate Pokemon game that you think Nintendo would actually do?

Cooper Daniel Barham

Since the dawn of the Pokemon franchise, the loyal fan base has drooled over their own individual concepts of what Pokemon could be like in the future. Probably the most exhausted idea is a real-time MMORPG. A game where Nintendo forsakes their staple random-battles and instead replaces them with Skyrim-esque exploration where Pokemon are just tromping around, living off the land, abiding by their natural tendencies.
Not gonna lie, that’d be pretty awesome. That sort of game would also be good, because it would allow more breathing room for other concepts to be replaced. Maybe instead of six Pokemon teams, you just had three, but could train them in further depth than their contemporary counterparts. There are all sorts of possibilities, and a lot of potential in this gameplay schema.
However, that is not the sort of Pokemon game I would want, nor do I think it’s something Nintendo is likely to ever make. Mine would focus less on changing the already trustworthy gameplay elements, and instead cut out the watered-down plot structure, absent character development, and gaudy dialogue.
Basically, I want a Pokemon game less geared towards the typical younger audience. I want themes with more impact, more humanity, more relatability. At first, I didn’t think the Pokemon series was capable of such a narrative agenda, but if executed properly, I think it could.
The adversary needs to be someone who creates more personal conflict, and the protagonist needs to abandon its idea of “being you” in exchange for being their own character with strengths and flaws. Themes of friendship are fine, but just throwing around the word “friendship” and jerry-rigging nonsensical conviction to it makes no sense. I do not and have not cared for any of the main character’s companions throughout the games. It’s hard to be interested in cardboard.
So yeah, a Pokemon game with oomph. Something that challenges you on a deeper level in terms of storytelling. At the very least, they could make the setting deviate from the norm, and instead of tromping around whatever region you’re in to defeat gym leaders, you should have to interject yourself into a situation bigger than yourself, which shows repercussions on the world around you. The infamous “Pokemon War” comes to mind, which occurred prior to the first generation. That would make an excellent setting for a game strewn with conflict.


Jon Hill

How long? How long, Nintendo? How long have fans worldwide been clamoring for a fully-realized, open 3D world, home console Pokemon game? I think it’s about time Nintendo gets around to making that game because of one thing: The Wii U.
The Wii U is the perfect platform for a slew of new Pokemon games. For a main-series Pokemon game, the Wii U will not only be able to create the full-scale world of Pokemon in HD for the first time, but also, the Wii U Gamepad would be amazing for this. It could keep track of Pokemon, status, attacks, and items during battle as well as a way to access your inventory while exploring without having to fumble through a menu system.
And how rad would the gamepad be as a Pokedex? See a Pokemon in the wild, call up the Pokedex, point it at the TV, and it starts spouting info at you about the Pokemon you’re looking at!
Speaking of pointing the Gamepad at the screen, it would be amazing to use as a camera for Pokemon Snap 2! All of your items, movement, zooming, and pictures taken could be managed right there on the Gamepad and all you have to do is squeeze the right trigger to snap the shutter.
That’s two ultimate Pokemon games for the price of one. These would practically print money for Nintendo… and to think, I’m not even charging them money for this.


Wesley Wood

What I want is actually quite simple. Keep in mind that I am okay with how the game plays so the core of Pokemon is fine as is.
1. All six regions in the same game. We saw two regions in Gold/Silver, and that was back in 2000. If Nintendo is going to make the ultimate Pokemon game then it needs every region.
2. All forty-eight gyms. Yes, sir! Every gym from every region as well.
3. Two modes of difficulty. As the games have progressed, each entry gets easier. From legendaries taking only a couple of Pokeballs to capture, to beating the Elite 4 in your first try. It is ridiculous. As the challenge diminishes, then so does my opinion of the series. If Nintendo wants to throw in an Exp Share system that gives every single Pokemon Exp then fine. Just put it in the easier mode.
The two game modes can be “Kid” and “Adult”. On “Kid” it will be like Pokemon X/Y where you are handed a Pokemon team and always over leveled by twenty levels. In “Adult” mode, the leveling is not as fast and therefore you won’t be over leveled by way too much.
4. Larger teams. Nintendo has experimented with three on three’s. Why not let you do something even better like having ten Pokemon on you at once? In a six region, forty-eight gym game, we need a larger team.
5. Gyms with more than one type. I mean I do love when I can beat a gym all with one Pokemon, however the challenge and thought is gone as I spam one move.
6. Pick any non-legendary Pokemon to be your starter. The rule would be that they are at their lowest form, but if you wanted Ponyta as your starter then go for it.


What do you want in a Pokemon game? Think realistically as to what Nintendo would actually do (MMO is not realistic).


Wesley Wood

Wesley Wood is an aspiring film director. He would love to make GOOD films to help spread God's word and help Christians grow.


  1. Phil on January 27, 2015 at 3:43 am

    I’m totally in agreement with Jon on this one… both ideas. It’s been years since pokemon snap came out, and I’d LOVE to see it revisited in a cool new way. And with the technology of the oculus rift, why not a VR pokemon snap?


  2. GrahamStrom on January 20, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    If I have to think realistically and not what Nintendo would actually do it is a sad day. They have long been cashing in by repeatedly kicking this dead horse. I quit playing the Pokemon series after Red, Blue, and Yellow. If you notice the trend is that you will never be able to complete your PokeDex without purchasing all 3 of these games. Nintendo has followed this style despite being able to fit all content on 1 cartridge from the beginning and it works. People keep buying into it and the collectors keep buying all the games. They will never make an ultimate Pokemon game due to this marketing strategy. I wouldn’t either. Why make 1 really good game that will take years of development when you can crank out game after game in 6 month intervals and collect. The only way this would work is if the market changed and all their fan revenue went up in smoke because they refused to pay double for a game (buying the 2 that were released). How mad does it make you when you buy a game and within a week there is DLC for it. Same basic concept but by labeling it as a different game Nintendo has cleverly disguised it’s ruse as something new. This is the realistic Nintendo view of them making anything good with Pokemon ever.

    There is however talk of the Pokemon Stadium (N64) for those of you that remember that. But they are going to implement Amiibo and you will have little figures as DLC instead of extra content. I can only imagine how expensive that is going to get. So once again ‘kicking a cash cow’ as they say in Nintendo land. They only way to make them progress is to force them to change and as popular as these games are I don’t see it happening anytime soon. As long as the dead horse keeps spitting out money they will beat it until it is dry. (reused reference to ensure that everyone knew that I was aware of what the saying was). Sorry for the rant but somethings that Nintendo does really makes me angry at them. Not that I don’t enjoy a good game of Mario Kart with the family just that I have wanted the RPG Pokemon since Elder Scrolls 3 Morriwind… And as far as a MMORPG goes you could totally do that as well. The PvP area would just have to be your strongest Pokemon and you could only use 1. That is just making it easy. I am sure there are programmers out there far smarter than I that are like you could totally use 3 and still be easy… sorry just not to that level yet. Everything else would just be quest based and I would so do raids with my pokemon. You could only call 1 out at a time to attack and there would be a group of 6 doing the Raid. 6 Pokemon 1 mega Pokemon boss, but that is just my 2 cents. Good read all around. Hashtag EndRant…. <— that's how that works right… ?

  3. Yoni on January 20, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    If they introduced voice commands to the game, introduce gesture commands and add a bit more depth to the combat (like your pokemon bein an AI in this 3D stadium awaiting orders) I might never stop playing! I mean picture this You throw a pokeball (by using the gesture commands (I’m thinking on kinect)) your Charizard comes out! you scream Body Slam and your Charizard flys off to deliver the blow to the opponents pokemon… haha controlling the battle with your words and sounds would make it much more real and intense!

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